Accepting Your Graduate Financial Aid Award

Your financial aid package enables you to access a Mills graduate education at reduced cost. Accepting and verifying your aid award ensures that you will have access to all the funds for which you qualify.

Before accepting your aid package, we strongly recommend reviewing the information on our Understanding Your Graduate Aid Award webpage and our Terms and Conditions webpage.

To accept your financial aid award:

  1. Log in to the Mills Resource Portal and access myMills.

    Enter your Banner ID and password to log in to the Mills Resource Portal. Under the myMills Resources heading, open the myMills main menu.

  2. Access your financial aid award information.

    Under the Financial Aid Information section, you will find details about your award aid package under My Award Information, which you can view by year. Select the current award year, review the terms and conditions of your award,*

    *By accepting your Mills College financial aid award, you are confirming that you have read, understand, and agree to comply with the terms, conditions, and requirements of your financial aid award.

  3. Accept (or decline) your award package.

    Follow the instructions for accepting your financial aid package under the Accept Award Offer tab. You can accept the full amount of all awards or, in the Accept Partial Amount column, you may enter the amount you would like to accept for each part of your financial aid package.

    To decline an award, go to the drop-down menu in the Accept Award column and select the decline option. You should accept or decline all awards. Please do not leave any award in Offered status. When you are done, be sure to click the Submit Decision button.

Once you have accepted or declined your financial aid award via myMills, the fields that allow you to accept and decline will disappear. If you need to make changes after clicking the Submit Decision button, you must email the Office of Financial Aid at