Graduate Financial Aid

In response to the coronavirus emergency, we moved our financial aid services to a virtual platform to continue serving Mills students. The Financial Aid Office is providing advising through email and virtual appointments. Graduate students should email Due to the expected volume of emails, we will respond to your message in 2-3 business days. To schedule a virtual financial aid advising appointment, students can access our online scheduling tool using the links below. Appointments are available between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Almost 90% of our entering graduate students receive some form of financial assistance. Each academic year, Mills invests millions of dollars in direct financial aid for our students to support you on your journey to your graduate degree.

On these web pages, you'll find the critical, detailed financial aid information that you need—from how to apply for aid as an entering, continuing, or returning student; to what types of aid are available; to understanding your aid award; to how to accept your aid offer. Our goal is to help make a Mills education as affordable as possible to the widest range of eligible students.

You don’t have to navigate the financial aid process on your own. We encourage you to contact the M Center, your one-stop destination for financial aid, student accounts, and records, if you have any questions. Our financial aid specialists can provide you with additional information about financial aid eligibility and processes, student educational loan information, debt counseling, additional aid requirements, accepting your annual aid award, and more.