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Diversity and Social Justice at Mills

Racial, Economic and Global Justice Resources

Welcome to Racial, Economic and Global Justice Resources at Mills, a virtual space where students, alumnae/i, staff and faculty can locate resources and information related to the intersections of race, ethnicity, economic status, immigration status and national origin.

Mills College is committed to creating a safe, equitable environment, where all members of the community are openly included and affirmed. Mills provides a unique environment for students of color, first generation students, immigrant, refugee and foreign students, working class students and their allies. Many of our faculty and students come to Mills because of a commitment to developing social-justice oriented critical, scientific and creative practices that are aware of and resistant to oppression based on race, class, national origin, and immigration status. In 2013, students of color (African-American, American Indian, Asian, Pacific Islander, Latina/Latino, and Bi-multiracial) make up 49% of the overall Mills student population. 52% percent of the undergraduates and 45% of the graduates are students of color. Students come from 14 countries. 95% of undergraduates and 89% of graduate students receive financial aid, and approximately 35% of undergraduates are first-generation students.

We invite you to explore these pages and embrace opportunities to engage in creative and critical conversation about issues of racial, economic and global justice at Mills. We welcome feedback and suggestions and invite you to email: diversity@mills.edu.

Campus Resources

Student Organizations

  • Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance
    To celebrate and raise awareness of pan- Asian cultures. To provide safe space to facilitate conversations regarding API issues and experiences. apisa@mills.edu
  • Black Women's Collective
    The Black Women's Collective is an on- campus organization which fosters a sense of community among African-American students and allies at Mills College, and promotes and encourages cultural diversity, tolerance, social awareness, and general empowerment for all students. Through the pursuit of service and solidarity, the Black Women's Collective has been involved in numerous efforts at Mills, and has been noted to be distinguished as one of the most active organizations of the College. bwc@mills.edu
  • Indigenous Women's Alliance
    The purpose of The Indigenous Women's Alliance is to enhance community awareness about the cultures and concerns of indigenous peoples in the Northern American continent. We are a group which includes descendants of indigenous peoples and allies of their causes, concerns, and rights. We seek to extend our knowledge and dialogue to include the broader Bay Area groups of similar interest. Events such as the annual Mills College Powwow and film screenings are some of theways in which we reach out to the local indigenous community. nasa@mills.edu
  • In Living Queer
    In Living Queer is a safe space for Queer and Questioning People of Color here at Mills College. The goal of this group is to create a safe space for QPoC to address the various intersections of their identities, to provide support for questioning and already out QPoC, and to provide resources for QPoC.
  • Mills Leadership Action of Tomorrow
    MLAT develops mechanisms to increase understanding, dialogue, and activism pertaining to immigration policy within the Mills community and the greater community. The club also creates a support system for undocumented students and alike who are affected by current immigration issues; promotes the welfare of its members; and encourages moral, intellectual, and cultural advancement. mlat@mills.edu
  • Mills Ohana Club
    This club's purpose is to provide a support group for Hawaii Ohana and to educate people who are interested in learning about the Hawaiian culture. hawaiiclub@mills.edu
  • Mujeres Unidas
    The purpose of the organization Mujeres Unidas is to serve the various needs of the Chicana, Latina, and allies population at Mills College, with respect to and in order to honor our community and share our culture. We foster development, community building and belonging among the Chicanas, Latinas, and allies here on campus through active recruitment and retention of diversity on campus. mujeres@mills.edu
  • Muslim Student Alliance
    The Muslim Student Alliance of Mills College is a place for Muslim students, allies, and those interested in Islam to meet and exchange thoughts, ideas, and experiences. MSA organizes various educational and cultural events and works with campus partners to arrange special meal services for students fasting during Ramadan. msa@mills.edu



Committee on Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

Latinx Task Force

Mills Bridge Advocate Team


Last Updated: 12/4/17