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Diversity and Social Justice at Mills

Mills Bridge Advocate Team (MBAT)

Mills Bridge Advocate Team for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Questioning, Twospirit, Pansexual, Asexual and Genderfluid (LGBTQIQ2PAG) students.

Who we are:
Mills Bridge Advocate Team is made up of faculty and staff who have agreed to help support Mills LGBTQIQ2PAG students to best navigate the systems and advocate for themselves.

What we do:
As a Mills Bridge Advocate Team member one agrees to: Work with, not for, students navigating the system by acting as a resource.

And agree to make the following commitments:

  • Review a brief set of training resources on how to be a strong advocate for LGBTQIQ2PAG students. (This will be sent out after one signs up.)
  • Attend one Advocacy Team meeting per semester where we can brainstorm ideas, discuss specific concerns, share resources and support each other.
  • Participate in discussions about the implementation of GIES report recommendations as well as other policies and practices that might support LGBTQIQ2PAG students

Bridge Advocates

Alphabetical by department.

Kathryn Cabunoc, cabunoc@mills.edu
Admissions, Staff

Lilia Dosalmas, ldosalmas@mills.edu
Athletics, PE, and Recreation (APER), Staff

Nic Van Dyke, nvandyke@mills.edu
Athletics, PE, and Recreation (APER), Staff
I am genderqueer and gynephilic. I enjoy nature-based spirituality. I am also a first-generation college graduate.

Neil Virtue, nvirtue@mills.edu
Athletics, PE, and Recreation (APER), Staff
Identity intersections, self identified: I am a white cisgender man in relationship with a man.

Phaedra Gauci, pgauci@mills.edu
Auxiliary Services, Staff
Identity intersections, self identified: I don't believe that gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation and spirituality should exist in boxes with grids that say you are one thing or another and thus I am a huge supporter of being non-conforming and present in all areas of life. I identify as gender fluid, I don't feel bound by gender constructs and am who I am. I am an immigrant, a first generation college graduate and a wonderluster.

Sarah Swope, sswope@mills.edu
Biology Department, Faculty

Jennifer Smith, jesmith@mills.edu
Biology Department, Faculty

Ines C. Barbosa, ibarbosa@mills.edu
Career Services, Staff
Identity intersections, self identified: Spanish Speaking Latina, First Generation College Graduate and Proud Daughter of Mexican Immigrants. I use the pronouns She/Her.

Sascha Brown, sascbrown@mills.edu
The Center, Staff
Identity intersections, self identified: Appropriate Pronouns: She, Her, Hers, Race: Black/African-American, Sexual Orientation: Queer, Gender Identity: Womyn

Alfredo Del Cid adelcid@mills.edu
The Center, I am a first generation, immigrant, radical queer with a strong sense of faith and spirituality. I am a cisgender male, my pronouns are he/him Staff

Ilana Barakat, ibarakat@mills.edu
Counseling and Psychological Services
White-identified, Ciswoman, Jewish, Queer-identified

Diane Ketelle, dketelle@mills.edu
Education, Faculty

Alison McDonald, amcdonald@mills.edu
Education, Faculty
White, lesbian, female (she, her, hers). I'm married to a long-time partner and we have raised two daughters together.

Patricia Nunley, pnunley@mills.edu
Education, Faculty
Black, cisgender, Christian, Womanist, mother of adult child, heterosexual, African-centered

Ajuan Mance, amance@mills.edu
English, Faculty
Identity intersections, self identified: A few of my intersecting identities include the following: African American, Queer, Gender Non-Conforming/Genderqueer

Diane Cady, dcady@mills.edu
English, Faculty
Identity intersections, self identified: Latina and first generation college student. Cis-gendered advocate.

Meredith May, meredithamay@gmail.com
English, Faculty
Identity intersections, self identified: Caucasian, raised by my Native American grandfather. Lesbian. Buddhist. Married. Beekeeper.

Julia Chinyere Oparah, jcoparah@mills.edu
Ethnic Studies, Faculty
Identity intersections, self identified: African; immigrant; pronoun: they or she; queer; spiritual practitioner; transracial adoptee; survivor.

Arely Zimmermanarzimmerman@mills.edu
Ethnic Studies, Faculty

Andrew R. Flores, andflores@mills.edu
Government, Faculty
Latino, He/Him/His, male, gay

Samara Halperin, samaramascara@yahoo.com
Intermedia Arts, Faculty
Identity intersections self identified: Queer, Gender non compliant, Trans, white, shebrew, They/Them/Their

Samuel Gonzálezsagonzalez@mills.edu 
Staff, ITS
Identity intersections self identified: He, His, Him (most of the time), They and Their are fine as well. Afro-Mexican. Demisexual. Healer (various modalities). Artist (actor, singer, writer, photog).

Alison Ross, aross@mills.edu
M Center, Staff

Elissa Papendick, epapendick@mills.edu
Library, Staff
Identity intersections, self identified:Queer, white, cis woman (she, her, hers).

Lawral Wornek, lwornek@mills.edu
Library, Staff
I am a queer, white, cis, femme(ish) woman who knits a lot.

Keelia Murphy, kmurphy@mills.edu
Lokey School of Business and Public Policy

Ellen Spertus, spertus@mills.edu
Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty
Identity intersections, self identified: Jewish, female pronouns, mother, privileged background.

Ruth Cossey, rcossey@mills.edu
School of Education–Teacher Preparation, Faculty
Identity intersections, self identified: African American cisgender female married queer mother.

Maggie Hunter, mhunter@mills.edu
Sociology/Provost's Office, Faculty
Identity intersections, self identified: I am a biracial (black and white) woman. I am straight, but a resource and advocate for any LGBTQQ2PAG students or community members.

Priya Kandaswamy, pkandaswamy@mills.edu
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Faculty

If you want to be on the list, please contact: MBAT-Admin@mills.edu




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