Summer Session

May 17–August 20, 2021

Summer Session courses are open to Mills undergraduate and graduate students, alumnae, and the general public.

Courses Offered

Graduate Only Courses

Refer to Class Search for more information about the following courses that are offered this summer:

EDUC 205/205 OL: Trauma Informed Leadership
EDUC 217OL: Individualized Professional Plan
EDUC 220OL: Urban Education
EDUC 223OL: 21st Century Learning
EDUC 224OL: Educational Program Evaluation
EDUC 226OL: Ethical & Moral Considerations
EDUC 228OL: Curriculum Leaders
EDUC 240OL: Hip Hop Pedagogy
EDUC 241A: Intro to Theory and Practice of Waldorf Education
EDUC 241B: Intro to Theory and Practice of Waldorf Education
EDUC 242A: Project-Based Learning in Waldorf Education
EDUC 242B: Project-Based Learning in Waldorf Education
EDUC 285OL: Inquiry Into Leadership
EDUC 300A: Sociopolitical Foundation
EDUC 301AHuman & Community Development
EDUC 302A: Multilit: MS
EDUC 303A: Multilit: SS
EDUC 304A: English Language Development
EDUC 305ACurriculum & Instruction: Multiple Subject
EDUC 306A: Curriculum & Instruction: Single Subject Humanities
EDUC 307A: Curriculum & Instruction: Single Subject STEM
EDUC 308A: Pedagogical Content Knowledge Lab: Multi and Single
EDUC 309APedagogical Content Knowledge Lab: Multiple Subject
EDUC 380ABilingual Education Praxis Seminar

EDUC 405: Trauma Informed Leadership
EDUC 425: Introduction to Research Design
EDUC 480: Special Topics in Education