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One of the most enriching aspects of life at Mills is the eclectic variety of interests and activities you can explore. There are more than 50 student organizations you can choose to be a part of—from the Mills National Society of Leadership and Success to the Mills Cheer Squad. Some groups meet to share a hobby or interest, while others are motivated to inspire change. If you don’t find a club that appeals to you, you can simply start your own. It’s just one of many ways that you can express yourself at Mills.

Throughout the academic year, there is a terrific mix of activities that you can plan, be part of, or just sit back and enjoy. Activities such as the Black & White Ball, Earth Day Fair, or Spring Fling are just a sampling of what you can do. There are many residence hall events and game nights, as well as campus-wide art exhibitions, dance performances, concerts, and lectures.

Contact the Center for Student Leadership, Equity and Excellence for more information about student activities, clubs, and organizations.


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