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Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are different from the Meal Points that are part of a standard meal plan. Meal Points expire at the end of every semester and any unused points do not carry over to the following semester. Dining Dollars do not expire as long as the individual is actively a part of the Mills community.  Dining Dollars carry over to subsequent semesters. Unused Dining Dollars are non-refundable and non-transferable.

For students with a meal plan that has Meal Points (10, 15, and 19), Meal Points will be used first before any Dining Dollars are used. Once the Meal Points have been used up, please let the Dining staff know that you have a Dining Dollars plan.

There is no minimum purchase, but the maximum is $1,000.00 for a single transaction. To deposit more than $1,000.00, please use more than one transaction.

Dining Dollars are available for purchase online or in the Housing Managment and Dining Services office (HMDS), Sage Hall 138. For every dollar that you use to purchase Dining Dollars, you get $1.00 in Dining Dollars, but for every $100.00 purchased in a transaction you will receive an additional $15.00 Dining Dollars.

**Please note that Dining Dollars may be used at both Founders Commons and the Tea Shop during the academic year. During the winter and summer break periods not all eating locations are regularly open, please consult Bon Appetit’s site for hours and locations.

Purchase Online

Students, faculty and staff are now able to purchase Dining Dollars online, which may be used at Founders Commons and the Tea Shop.

If you purchase $100.00 or more, you get an extra $15.00 Dining Dollars for every increment of $100.00.
Purchase $100.00, get $115.00
Purchase $120.00, get $135.00
Purchase $200.00, get $230.00

Please allow for 1-2 hours for processing when submitted before 3:00 pm on weekdays.

For transactions submitted after 3:00 pm, the Dining Dollars will be posted by the following morning.

For transactions received Friday after 3:00 pm or anytime over the weekend, the Dining Dollars will be added on Monday morning.

Dining Dollars will carry over to future semesters, but unused Dining Dollars are non-refundable and non-transferable.

**You will receive an email when the Dining Dollars have been added stating that, "Your order has shipped," and the Dining Dollars will be available on your ID card.

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Contact Information

Housing Management & Dining Services (HMDS)
Sage Hall, Room 138

P: 510.430.2127
F: 510.430.2030
Last Updated: 5/26/17