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Center for Contemporary Music (CCM)


CCM offers a Master of Fine Arts degree in Electronic Music and Recording Media with four areas of concentration: 

  1. Composition and performance utilizing electronic media
  2. Music-based interdisciplinary work involving a variety of media forms such as video, theater, dance, and installation
  3. Research in instrument or system design, emphasizing real-time performance in electronic and computer music, and experimental control structures for electronic music
  4. Research in music languages, algorithmic composition, and interactive music programming 

The Mills Graduate Music page has information on degree requirements, graduate music courses, and instructors. 

CCM staff
In addition to teaching faculty in electronic and computer music, CCM is supported administratively and technically by one full-time technical director, one part-time studio coordinator, and five graduate student assistants. The current teaching and support staff for 2017-18 is:

Guest Composers
CCM's Composer-in-Residence Program short term residencies to guest artists. Composers are encouraged during their stay here to utilize CCM's resources in the creation of new work and to interact with the students and the outside community as much as possible. Residencies often focus on the development of new software or hardware instruments or on innovative uses of the Center's studio facilities.

As part of their residency, composers present their work on the CCM Songlines Series, an evening event which is open to the public and may take the form of an informal concert or lecture/demonstration. Past composers under this program have included Matt Rogalsky, Brenda Hutchinson, Gordon Mumma, and most recently Anders Bach Pedersen.

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Special Programs
In addition to its Composer-in-Residence Program, the Center also maintains its public access policy. Composers and artists are encouraged to propose projects to the CCM, and if approved, the Center will provide studio time and graduate assistants for technical help at reasonable rates. The Center has assisted a number of Bay Area groups with special projects. These have included the Exploratorium, KPFA-FM, and Antenna Theatre. Composers who have benefitted from the program have also included Barbara Golden and Lovage Sharrock.

CCM faculty and staff David Rosenboom, Larry Polansky, and Phil Burk developed the innovative HMSL (Hierarchical Music Specification Language) in the 1980s. Graduate student Matt Ingalls and Dave Madole developed csound.ppc, Csound for the Power Macintosh in the 1990s, and Ingalls later developed MacCsound for OSX. Tom Erbe developed the ground-breaking SoundHack while at CCM in the late 80s-early 90s. In the late-1990s graduate student Mike Berry developed GrainWave, a live synthesis software program, with Chris Brown. Since then CCM faculty John Bischoff, Chris Brown, and Technical Director Les Stuck have instructed and led development of software for live electronic music applications using Max/MSP and SuperCollider.





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