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24-Track Recording Studio
The Recording Studio features a Studer A-80 24-track two-inch tape recorder, a 24-channel Dolby SR system, and an API 1608 32x8x2 analog mixing console. Transport control and SMPTE synchronization is available through the Adams-Smith Zeta-Three B Synchronizer/Controller. Also available are various effects processors and stereo mastering to both analog and digital formats. A remote keyboard and monitor, along with 16 analog and 8 digital channels of audio provide a connection with the 5.1 Pro Tools system in the Hybrid studio. A large assortment of high quality microphones is available to those working in this studio.

Hybrid Computer Music Studio (H)
The Hybrid Computer Music Studio includes two Mac Pro systems for recorded and live music. One system–connected to the Recording Studio–has a Genelec 5.1 monitoring system, an RME audio interface, and a video projector. Installed software includes Pro Tools, Waves plug-ins, and Ableton Live. The other system is optimized for video editing and rehearsals of live performances. Installed software includes Pro Tools, Supercollider, Max, Ableton Live, and Final Cut Pro X.

Synthesizers include a Kurzweil K2000 sampler/keyboard, an Oberheim Xpander MIDI-controlled analog synthesizer, a Yamaha FM sound module, an ARP 2600 analog synthesizer, and a small Serge modular analog synthesizer.

Electronic Music Studio (M)
The Electronic Music Studio houses early voltage-controlled analog synthesizers, including a Moog IIIP and a Buchla 100. It also features Focal monitor speakers and a lovely balcony.

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Dubbing and Editing Studio (D)
The Dubbing and Editing Studio is used for introductory multi-track and editing projects, where students can transfer recordings between various standard 2-track formats. The studio includes an iMac with Pro Tools and Waves plug-ns, Focal monitor speakers, a turntable, a CD recorder, cassette recorder, a DAT machine, 1/4" 2-track recorders, a 1/2" 4-track recorder, an Otari 1" 8-track recorder, and an ADAT 8-track digital recorder. A large array of high quality microphones is available for those working in this studio.

Technical and Project Development Lab
This lab is a workshop for design, construction, and repair of electronic equipment. The room includes test equipment, a drill press, and an abundance of electronics parts and tools.

Studio V
Studio V is a private studio for audio mixing and editing using Pro Tools with Waves plug-ins on an iMac workstation and Focal monitor speakers. It is also home to a large analog modular synthesizer.

Musicianship Lab
The Musicianship Lab is used for music notation and education. It houses an iMac and MIDI keyboard, with Finale and Sibelius.

Jeannik Méquet Littlefield Concert Hall
Littlefield Concert Hall features acoustical design by master acoustician Ewart Wetherill and a 7-channel sound system designed by Les Stuck and Meyer Sound Labs. A 40x16x2 Yamaha M7CL digital mixer is connected to the stage via 24 channels of microphone inputs and 8 channels of monitor returns. It can also be connected digitally to computers via an RME interface. The room includes three well-loved 9-foot concert grand pianos by Yamaha, Baldwin, and Grotrian.

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Center for Contemporary Music (CCM)

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