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The Course Schedule is online.

Classes are listed by subject. The first column is the “CRN” (Course Registration Number), followed by the subject, course number, section, title, number of credits, meeting times, days, location and instructor. Be sure to include the CRN, subject, course number, section, title, number of credits, and the grading option you wish to have on your Registration Agreement Form. Students will not be able to register online for a course that is closed, or for a course which requires instructor consent. To register for these courses, students must have the instructor’s signature on the Registration Agreement Form.

Classes scheduled are listed by department. Also included in this listing are special “notes.”  These important notes may pertain to particular courses or entire departments.

Key to Abbreviations


M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
Th Thursday 
R Thursday
(online schedule only)
F Friday
S Saturday 
Su  Sunday
U  Sunday (online schedule only)


AHR Reinhardt Hall
ART Art Center
CARN Carnegie Hall
CER Ceramics Studio
CPM Chemistry, Physics, Math, Comp Science
ED Education Building
FAX Fine Arts Annex 
GSB Graduate School of Business
KIM Kimball House
LIS Lisser Hall
LONG Vera Long Building
MH Mills Hall
MUS Music Building
NSB Natural Science Building 
OLIN Olin Library
PHO Photo Studio
PTG Painting Studio
RC Rothwell Center 
RICH Richards Lodge
SCU Sculpture Studios
STR Lucie Stern Hall
TAC Trefethen Aquatic Center
WETMOR Wetmore Lodge
WHP Walter Haas Pavilion

Room Notes:

FAX 106 and 107 are in the Fine Arts Annex next to Stern
LIS 200 is the Lisser Theater
LIS A is on the first floor of Lisser
LIS B is on the second floor of Lisser, across from Lisser C.
LIS C is on the second floor of Lisser, closest to the stage.
MUS 123 is the Music Ensemble Room in the Music Building.
NSB Building classrooms are 100 for first floor and 200 for second floor and are numbered counterclockwise from the northwest corner.
PSY rooms are now designated as NSB
RC 133 is the Prieto Gallery in Rothwell Center near the Tea Shop.
SCU 100 is the Sculpture Studio in the Art Building.
WETMOR 001 is Wetmore Lodge next to the Education Building.
WHP 100 is the Lobby in the Haas Pavilion.

Course Title Prefixes:

AS Advanced Seminar
ATP Advanced Teaching Practicum
DR Directed Research
GS Graduate Seminar
IN Internship
IS Independent Study
MP Management Practicum
ST Special Topic/Theme
TP Teaching Practicum

Forms on the Web

The following forms pertaining to registration are available online

  • Add/Drop Form
  • Cross-Registration Permit
  • Directed Research Application
  • Academic Standing Petition
  • Independent Study Form
  • Registration Agreement Form
  • Teaching Practicum Registration Form

These and other forms available on the website continue to be available in the M Center, Carnegie Hall.

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