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GE: Human Institutions and Behavior Courses

Spring 2019 

ECON 050 Introduction to Economics
EDUC 137 Language Development: Literacy, Communication, and Multilingualism
EDUC 160 History and Theories of Play in Human Development, Culture, and Education
ETHS 126 Theories of Race and Ethnicity
ETHS 157 Race, Gender, and the Criminal Justice System
ETHS 165 Politics of Chicanx and Latinx Communities
HIST 116 History of the American City
PHIL 062 Ethics
PPOL 125 Gender and Public Policy
PPOL 151 Political Representation
PSYC 049 Fundamentals of Psychology
PSYC 148 Personality
PSYC 151 Research Methods in Psychology
REL 040 Introduction to the Study of Religions
SOC 055 Introduction to Sociology



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