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GE: Historical Perspectives Courses

Fall 2017

ARTH 018 Introduction to Western Art
ARTH 081 Introduction to Asian Art: India, Nepal, and Tibet
ARTH 123 Northern European Art
ARTH 137 Art of the 20th Century
ARTH 139 History of Performance Art
ARTH 188 Early Japanese Art
ARTH 199 Critical and Theoretical Approaches to the History of Art
BOOK 130 History of the Book
DNC 165 Modern to Contemporary Performance: History, Theory, and Practice
ENG 109 The Craft of the Young Adult Novel
ETHS 051 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
ETHS 064 Mixed Race Descent in the Americas
HIST 011 The West and Its Cultural Traditions I
HIST 031 American History I
HIST 118 The Civil Rights Movement in the United States, 1941 to the Present
HIST 190 Senior Thesis Seminar
MUS 016 Women, Gender, and Musical Creativity
PHIL 010 Ancient Philosophy
SOC 129 Race and Ethnic Relations in the US



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