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Core Curriculum
Written and Oral Communication I & II

Spring 2018

Written and Oral Communication I

ENG 001 Rhetoric and Composition for the College Writer

Written and Oral Communication II

ARTH 181 The Art of Mughal India 
ARTH 193 Seminar: The Image and the Law
BIO 055 The Ecology of Plants for Non-majors
BIO 125 Principles of Ecology 
BIO 155 Plant Ecology
ENG 073 Journalism II: Introduction to Digital Journalism
ENG 080D ST: Fatal  Women
ENG 124 Craft of Literary Journalism
ENG 173 Journalism II: Introduction to Digital Journalism
ENG 180D ST: Fatal  Women
ENG 180F ST: Monster Theory
ETHS 090 Comparative Ethnic Literature and Cultural Production
FREN 004 Intermediate French IV
HIST 012 The West and Its Cultural Traditions II
HIST 032 American History II
HIST 116 History of the American City
HIST 125 France: From the 1789 Revolution to the Present
HIST 160 History of Women in America
HIST 180A ST: Russia from the Middle Ages to the Present
HIST 189 History and Its Methods
LET 191 Senior Thesis
MGMT 101 People and Organizations
MGMT 133 Marketing Research
MUS 137 Seminar in Music Literature and Criticism
PHIL 011 Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL 028 Political Philosophy
PHIL 062 Ethics
PHIL 128 Political Philosophy
PHIL 185 Wittgenstein and Heidegger
SPAN 101 Advanced Spanish Grammar, Composition and Translation
SPAN 154 Fiction Workshop
SPAN 191 Senior Thesis

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