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Core Curriculum
Critical Analysis

Spring 2018

ARTH 082 Introduction to Asian Art: China
ARTH 124 Baroque Art in Europe
ARTH 181 The Art of Mughal India 
ARTH 192 Seminar: Gender and the Western Visual Tradition
ARTS 007 Three-Dimensional Concepts
ARTS 043 Contemporary Photographic Practice I
ARTS 091 Ceramics
ARTS 107 Three-Dimensional Concepts
ARTS 143 Contemporary Photographic Practice I
ARTS 147 Installation
ARTS 149 Contemporary Photographic Practice III
ARTS 161 Advanced Painting
ARTS 180AS Artists,Editions,and Multiple
ARTS 191 Ceramics
ARTS 201 Concentrations in Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Electronic  Arts, Video
BIO 180A Community-based conversation in a biodiversity hotspot: Ecuador
BIO 180B Tropical Marine Conservation
BIO 181 Immunology
DNC 002 Introduction to Dance Studies: Theory and Practice
DNC 110 Movement Research
ECON 050 Introduction to Economics
EDUC 137 Child Language Acquisition
ENG 061W The Queer Encyclopedia
ENG 065 From the Middle Ages to Milton: Introduction to British Literature I
ENG 080D ST: Fatal  Women
ENG 180D ST: Fatal  Women
ETHS 051 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
ETHS 052 African American Women's History
ETHS 090 Comparative Ethnic Literature and Cultural Production
ETHS 126 Theories of Race and Ethnicity
ETHS 158 Latino/a Immigration
ETHS 159 History of Latinas/os in the U.S.
ETHS 166 Women of Color in Social Movements
HIST 012 The West and Its Cultural Traditions II
HIST 032 American History II
HIST 160 History of Women in America
HIST 189 History and Its Methods
LET 149 Post-Colonial Conditions: Contemporary Women's Writings from Africa
MGMT 101 People and Organizations
PHE 100 Theories and Praxis of Health Equity
PHIL 011 Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL 028 Political Philosophy
PHIL 062 Ethics
PHIL 128 Political Philosophy
PSYC 049 Fundamentals of Psychology
WGSS 109 Comparative Studies on Women in Religion
WGSS 131 Women in Islam


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