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GE: Creation and Criticism in the Arts Courses

Fall 2017

ARTH 018 Introduction to Western Art
ARTH 081 Introduction to Asian Art: India, Nepal, and Tibet
ARTH 123 Northern European Art
ARTH 137 Art of the 20th Century
ARTH 188 Early Japanese Art
ARTS 005 Basic Composition
ARTS 007 Three-Dimensional Concepts
ARTS 009 Painting (Beginning)
ARTS 043 Contemporary Photographic Practice I
ARTS 091 Ceramics
ARTS 105 Basic Composition
ARTS 107 Three-Dimensional Concepts
ARTS 109 Painting (Beginning)
ARTS 143 Contemporary Photographic Practice I
ARTS 145 Contemporary Photographic Practice II
ARTS 149 Contemporary Photographic Practice III
ARTS 151 Advanced Drawing
ARTS 189 Senior Seminar: Studio Art
ARTS 191 Ceramics
ARTS 201 Concentrations in Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Electronic  Arts, Video
ARTS 205 Concentrations in Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture/Intermedia
BOOK 027 Introduction to Book Art
BOOK 117 Visible Language
BOOK 120 The Structure of Books
DNC 034 Dance Improvisation
DNC 131 Screendance
DNC 134 Dance Improvisation
ENG 010 Introduction to Literary Studies
ENG 011 Craft of Creative Writing
ENG 055 Beginning Fiction Workshop
ENG 056 Poetry Workshop I
ENG 057 Beginning Fiction for Children and Young Adults Workshop
ENG 111 Craft of Creative Writing
ENG 119 Fiction Since 1960
ENG 165 American Literature from 1865 to 1920: Realism
ENG 167 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Workshop
ENG 168 Advanced Fiction Workshop
ENG 170 Poetry Workshop II
ENG 189 Senior Thesis in Creative Writing
ETHS 144 Representation and  Politics in Asian Diasporic and Pacific Islander Literature
ETHS 156 Contemporary Queer Writers of Color
ETHS 173 Celluloid Native: American Indians in Film
IART 047 Video I
IART 120 Advanced Electronic Arts
IART 147 Video I
MUS 001 Exploring Music: Performance, Creation, and Cultural Practice
MUS 005 Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint I
MUS 047 Introduction to Electronic Music
MUS 147 Introduction to Electronic Music
MUS 159 Seminar in Musical Performance, Composition, and Improvisation
MUS 161 Sound Techniques of Recording
THS 175A Documentary Theater/Playwriting


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