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Mills: Inside and Out
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Mills: Inside and Out

Mills College
Presidential Communication
August 4, 2017

TO: Mills College Faculty and Staff
FROM: Beth Hillman
SUBJECT: Mills: Inside and Out

Dear all,

Yesterday afternoon, Middlebury at Mills held commencement exercises in Littlefield Concert Hall, celebrating the accomplishments of nearly 300 students who plunged into intensive language instruction on our campus this summer. Arabic students numbered more than 180, the Italian School offered four programs for students that included AP Italian teachers and graduate students, and the newest of the schools, the Korean School, supported nearly three dozen students in language immersion.

I was inspired by the Middlebury at Mills students I met earlier this week at a reception for the Kathryn Davis Fellows for Peace, whose study is supported by a scholarship award intended to "bring about a mindset of preparing for peace instead of preparing for war." The Davis Fellows included a music teacher who works with Palestinian children in the West Bank, a U.S. State Department documentary filmmaker who focuses on refugees in Greece, a medical doctor-in-training from Syria, an educator returning to Northern Iraq to teach in a peace studies program, a U.S. Army veteran and PhD candidate, and several journalists, included one leaving soon for a "press embed" on a coast guard ship in the Mediterranean. All of the language learners who studied at Mills this summer are intrepid, dedicated students of the world who will use their new cultural and linguistic fluency to enhance our understanding of each other and the global issues that affect us all.

I'm grateful for the leadership of full-time Middlebury at Mills staff Dan Fisher and Sasha Miyamoto, all of the Mills staff who supported Middlebury this summer and throughout the year of preparation, and the Middlebury leaders, faculty, and staff who supported these enterprising students.

This morning, I'm listening to a report from the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center's summer 2017 civic engagement pilgrimage, part of its year-round voter education campaign, with remarks from Congresswoman Barbara Lee '73. When I drive back onto campus, I'll be lifted up by the big blue and white "Mills College Cyclones" windscreen that Themy Adachi, assistant dean of students and director of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (APER), and Nic Van Dyke, assistant director of APER, recently put up at our soccer field. Thank you, Themy and Nic!

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