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Mills: Inside and Out
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Mills: Inside and Out

Mills College
Presidential Communication
August 18, 2017

TO: Mills College Faculty and Staff
FROM: Beth Hillman
SUBJECT: Mills: Inside and Out

Dear all,

This morning, I'm on my way home from North Carolina, where I met with Mills alumnae, strategized with experts in higher education, and visited with family. 

During a week of listening to so many intense reactions to the violence in Charlottesville last weekend, I've been struck by a heightened awareness of my own race and privilege, and by the pace at which history is—again—being revised and made relevant. I feel fortunate to be teaching a course on civil rights history this fall, at a time when discovering our shared, fractured past seems an educational imperative.

It's worth looking to our own School of Education for insight into how best to accelerate learning that fosters values of social justice and equity. An outside evaluation of the Mills Teacher Scholars program reported this summer that their "collaborative inquiry" approach is effectively building the capacity of teachers to engage in self-directed professional learning. Survey results indicate that teachers feel they have substantially improved their understanding of student learning and of how to productively engage with colleagues to support student success. 

This week, we were notified that the National Science Foundation awarded $278,656 to Mills College for additional support of the Oakland Urban Teacher Residency Program under the direction of Ruth Cossey, Diane Ketelle, Elizabeth Baker, and Barbara A. LiSanti, bringing the total awarded for this multi-year program to nearly $3 million. I'm grateful for the leadership of our School of Education in reaching beyond our campus to inspire and enrich communities of learning.

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