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Civic Engagement and Mills

Mills College
Presidential Communication
February 26, 2018

TO: Mills College Faculty, Staff, and Students
FROM: Beth Hillman
SUBJECT: Civic Engagement Encouraged at Mills!

Dear all,

Over the past two weeks, many high school students have been drawn to political action by the Parkland school shooting. Their efforts have raised local and global awareness of gun control and school violence, and have prompted some college admissions offices to speak up about how they might view applicants who engage in protests.

Mills' history has been profoundly shaped by social activism among its students. Moreover, our students today are deeply involved in shaping views on many critical issues, especially those related to gender and racial justice. Mills applauds acts and messages of civic engagement that fuel social movements and improve policies and outcomes.

As a result of Mills' past, present, and hope for the future, we welcome students who want to make statements and we look favorably upon applicants of conscience and commitment. Our students, graduates, and community recognize nonviolent protest as a part of learning, reconciling difference, and promoting justice.

If you are considering studying at Mills, or if you know someone who is, please let them know that civic engagement is encouraged, not penalized, at Mills College.


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