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Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Academic Assessment  

The Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Academic Mills College Excellence in Assessment
Assessment (OIRPAA) at Mills College supports the College's planning and decision making efforts so that the College can fulfill its larger mission. There are two main areas of responsibility within OIRPAA: institutional research, which encompasses the collection and dissemination of data to support the College in its planning, enrollment management, daily operations, and accountability compliance; and assessment, which provides a framework and oversight for the College’s program of student learning assessment both to improve student learning at all levels, and to establish the evidence of educational effectiveness required for accreditation. The Office responds to requests from constituencies of the College in order to support decision-making, assessment, policy, analysis, effective management, projections, and planning. It also responds to requests for information from outside agencies and other institutions and generates annual reports showing trends and comparisons with peer institutions. The goals of OIRPAA are to ensure that reports and analyses are accurate, timely, and useful. To this end, OIRPAA works with data custodians to ensure that benchmark files dealing with student, curricular, financial, and personnel data are as accurate and consistent as possible. OIRPAA staff consists of a Director, an Assistant Director of Institutional Research, and a student worker. OIRPAA Strategic Plan


Dr. Alice B. Knudsen

Mills College Profiles:

College Profile 2018-19
College Profile 2017-18
College Profile 2016-17
College Profile 2015-16

College Profile 2014-15
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Common Data Sets:

Common Data Set 2018-19
Common Data Set 2017-18
Common Data Set 2016-17
Common Data Set 2015-16

Common Data Set 2014-15
Common Data Set 2013-14
Common Data Set 2012-13
Common Data Set 2011-12
Common Data Set 2010-11
Common Data Set 2009-10
Common Data Set 2008-09
Common Data Set 2007-08   

HEA Disclosures:

Retention and Graduation Data

Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Data
Data on retention, graduation, and GPAs of First-Year and Transfer Bachelor's cohorts, and Nursing First-Year cohorts disaggregated by ethnicity, and First-Year first generation. Also includes retention and graduation rates of First-Year Bachelors and First-Year Nursing students receiving Pell Grants, or loans without Pell Grants, or neither Pell nor Loans as required by the Higher Education Authorization Act of 2008.

First-Year Cohorts
Transfer Cohorts
Nursing Cohorts

Undergraduate Retention and Graduation by Race/Ethnicity and Financial Aid-Summary

Full-time Undergraduate Enrollments by Race/Ethnicity and Pell Grants



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