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Campus Facilities

Campus facilities is the central hub overseeing activity related to the general upkeep and expansion of facilities and grounds on the Mills College campus. Staff in the Campus Facilities department perform tasks ranging from electrical and carpentry work, to painting and other building maintenance. The lush campus environment testifies to the rigorous work of the grounds maintenance team which continues year-round with turf maintenance, fall leaf removal and path clearing, and foliage and campus waterway care. While often behind the scenes, the work of this dedicated team is far from invisible as evidence of their effort is visible in every area of the physical college environment.

If there is something in your area that needs attention from the campus facilities staff, use the work order form at the link below to notify them.

Work Order Form

Campus Facilities

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P: 510.430.2146
F: 510.430.2306

Last Updated: 12/1/17