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Women, Leadership, and Social Change
Degree Requirements

Women, Leadership, and Social Change minor
(a minimum of 17 semester course credits)


ETHS 011 Leadership for Social Change (2)

ENG 114 US Literature and Social Change (4)

Internship designed in consultation with adviser (2-4)


Three additional courses selected in consultation with advisor from this list. One course must come from Section 3: Research Methods and Analysis.

Cross Cultural Understanding

ANTH 161 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Women (3)

ECON 130 The Economics of Poverty, Inequality, and Discrimination (4)

EDUC 129 Schools, Sexuality, and Gender (3)

ETHS 052 African American Women's History (3)

ETHS 112 Race, Gender, and the Environment (3)

ETHS 126 Theories of Race and Ethnicity (4)

ETHS 142 Ethnicity and Environment in California (3)

ETHS 150 Black Feminist Theory (3)

ETHS 157 Race, Gender, and the Criminal Justice System (3-4)

PPOL 125 Gender and Public Policy (3)

GOVT 139 Ethical Reasoning in Politics and Public Policy (3)

PHIL 062 Ethics (3)

PHIL 063 Environmental Ethics (3)

SOC 129 Race and Ethnic Relations in the US (3)

SOC 132 Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations (3)

SOC 158 Gender and Society (3)

WGSS 105 Sexuality and the City (3)

WGSS 175 Transnational Sexualities (3)

Communications and Coalition Building

ENG 171 Social Action and the Academic Essay (4)

EDUC 161 Interpersonal Communication (3)

PPOL 118 Women's Leadership in Politics: Theory and Practice (3)

SOSC 111 Introduction to Public Radio Reporting (3)

SOSC 112 Intermediate Public Radio Reporting (3)

GOVT 101 Organizational Theory (3)

ETHS 154 Writing the Self: Autobiographies of People of Color in the US (3-4)

ETHS 156 Contemporary Queer Writers of Color (3-4)

Research Methods And Analysis

ANTH 004 School Culture and Policy (3)

ECON 128 Governmental Accounting and Nonprofit Accounting (3)

ECON 134 Public Sector Economics: The Economics of Government (4)

ETHS 119 Action Research for Social Change (4)

PPOL 015 Introduction to Policy: Identifying and Solving Public Problems (3)

PPOL 116 Qualitative Methods in Policy Research (3)

SOC 091 Methods of Social Research with Lab (4)

SOC 134 Social Inequality (3)

WGSS 101 Feminist and Queer Research Methodologies (4)

Vision, Action, and Influence

ARTH 190 Seminar: Contemporary US Women Artists and the Feminist Art Movement (4)

ETHS 166 Women of Color in Social Movements (3-4)

SOC 058 Social Problems (3)

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