Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Courses
Course # Course Title
WGSS 071:Introduction to Women's Studies
WGSS 072:Introduction to Queer Studies
WGSS 101:Feminist and Queer Research Methodologies
WGSS 105:Sexuality and the City
WGSS 106:Postcolonial Feminist Theory and Literature
WGSS 109:Comparative Studies on Women in Religion
WGSS 110:Sex, Body, and Gender in Early European Societies
WGSS 111:Women, Gender and Cultural Production in the Global South
WGSS 112:Race, Gender, and the Environment
WGSS 115:African and Caribbean Literatures
WGSS 125:The Politics of Care
WGSS 131:Women in Islam
WGSS 135:Race, Sexuality, and the State
WGSS 149:Post-Colonial Conditions: Contemporary Women's Writings from Africa
WGSS 150:Gender, Diaspora and Social Issues in Indian Women's Literature and Cinema
WGSS 160:Militarism, Gender, and Ethnicity
WGSS 172:American Indian and Pacific Islander Women
WGSS 175:Transnational Sexualities
WGSS 180A:Spirituality and Sustainability: Global Religions and the Environment
WGSS 180C:From Gay Rights to Queer Liberation
WGSS 180K:Gender, Displacement and (Slow) Disaster Movies
WGSS 182:Feminist and Queer Theories
WGSS 187:Fieldwork Study in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies
WGSS 190:Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Art
WGSS 192:Senior Project
WGSS 215:African and Caribbean Literatures
WGSS 282:Feminist Theories
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