Sociology Courses
Course # Course Title
SOC 055:Introduction to Sociology
SOC 058:Social Problems
SOC 060:Business & Society
SOC 091:Methods of Social Research and Policy Analysis
SOC 094:Sociology of Mass Communication
SOC 100:Methods of Social Research and Policy Analysis
SOC 101:Sociology of Families
SOC 108:Urban Sociology
SOC 112:Social Control
SOC 116:History of Sociological Thought
SOC 129:Race and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.
SOC 134:Social Inequality
SOC 142:Medical Sociology
SOC 144:Sociology of Childhood
SOC 145:Sociology of Education
SOC 146:Sociology of Hip-Hop
SOC 146SL:Sociology of Hip-Hop with Community Engagement
SOC 149:Sociology of U.S. Immigration
SOC 149SL:Sociology of U.S. Immigration
SOC 156:Sociology of Oakland
SOC 156SL:Sociology of Oakland with Community Engagement
SOC 158:Gender and Society
SOC 160:Political Sociology
SOC 172:Body Politics: Race, Gender, and Power
SOC 180:Special Topics in Sociology
SOC 180J:Visions of Resistance: Campaigns for Liberation in Dire Times
SOC 180S:Body Politics: Race, Gender, and Power
SOC 190:Proseminar in Sociology
SOC 191:Senior Seminar
SOC 194:Media & Society
SOC 245:Sociology of Education
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Sociology Course List

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