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Dean MorierDr. Dean Morier is an Associate Professor of  Psychology at Mills College. He earned his BA in Psychology from Hope College with honors (Cum Laude) and studied with David Myers and John J. Shaughnessy. Dean earned his PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and studied under the guidance of Eugene Borgida, Ellen Berscheid, Paul E. Meehl, and Mark Snyder. Dean prefers to work collaboratively with students and is happy being the lead investigator or an associate to his lab members’ research. Outside the laboratory, Dean enjoys bicycling, tennis, cooking, traveling, gardening and listening to live music.

Research Assistants

Isabella ApplenIsabella Applen, Junior Research Assistant, is currently a junior at Mills College and is majoring in research psychology. She is interested in clinical and social psychology, gender and social identity. Isabella is very interested in studying clinical psychology in graduate school. Isabella loves dancing, travel, live music and cross-country running, and she did the artwork and design for the Mills Social Psychology Lab.

Soo ChoiSoo [Yeonsoo] Choi, Senior Research Assistant, is a senior majoring in research psychology at Mills College. Soo has interests in cognitive and social psychology, organizational behavior and positive psychology. Soo has conducted research on a wide range of psychology topics and has worked in three different psychology laboratories while at Mills. Soo is going to study positive industrial/organizational psychology in fall 2013.

Kiya KomaikoKiya Komaiko, Senior Research Associate, graduated from Mills College in 2012, with a BA in Psychology with Honors (Magna Cum Laude). She is interested in the role of religion and God concept on peoples’ decision-making and behavior, namely health behaviors such as physical activity. Kiya is a student in the Post-Bac Pre-Medical Program at Mills College, with hopes of pursuing an MD, PhD. She is the principal investigator on the Religion and Physical Activity investigation. In her free time, Kiya enjoys writing, watching stand-up comedy, traveling, and cooking with friends.

Sandra LenoskiSandra Lenoski, Junior Research Assistant, is a junior majoring in psychology at Mills College. Sandra has interests in social work, religion, helping behavior, and social psychology. Sandra has traveled throughout the world working on many social welfare projects dealing with hunger, education, and charity fundraising. Her social skills and passion for helping people in need are legendary at Mills and we think she knows most people in the world. She is interested in pursuing graduate study in counseling or social work. Sandra likes to cook and spend time with her family when she is not doing research or helping others.

Katlyn Marchini, Junior Research Assistant, is a third year undergraduate psychology student at Mills College. Katlyn MarchiniAfter she completes her bachelors degree she would like to continue on in a clinical psychology program to obtain her PhD. This is Katlyn’s first time as a research assistant and she hopes to have her own lab one day to research other areas of psychology, particularly the effect of stress and grieving on well-being from childhood through adulthood. When she isn’t researching, working in the Heller Rare Book Room, or nannying, she can be found reading, trying to master Chinese cuisine or, in her home town of Stockton, CA, volunteering for community theater and working on a short film.

Kyslin NishibunKyslin Nishibun, Junior Research Assistant, is a junior majoring in biopsychology at Mills College and will earn a BS upon graduating. Kryslin will attend medical school and is interested in a career in medicine in her home state of Hawaii. Kryslin is known at Mills as a dedicated student in the natural sciences who has interests in mental health and its relation to physical health. Kryslin loves the beaches of Hawaii and spending time with friends.

Molly ShapiroMolly Shapiro, Junior Research Assistant, is a senior majoring in general psychology and minoring in music at Mills. She is interested in social, positive, and organizational psychology. She is considering combining her studies in a career of music therapy, primarily working with children. In her spare time she sings opera, travels, and trains in the martial arts.


Pilar StinsonPilar Stinson, Junior Research Assistant, is a senior majoring in biopsychology at Mills College. Pilar has interests in biopsychology, neurobiology and medicine. Pilar has conducted research in biology department labs for over two years before joining the Mills Social Psychology Lab. She is considering a scientific career in the biosciences or medicine. Pilar loves animation, travel, and costume parties.

Devon ThrumstonDevon Thrumston, Junior Research Assistant, graduated from Mills College in 2012 with a BA in music with a concentration in cello performance. While at Mills, she double-minored in child development and psychology. She has experience in multiple psychology labs on campus. Devon is planning to pursue a career in biology.

Katrina WehmeyerKatrina Wehmeyer, Lab Manager and Senior Research Assistant, is currently an undergraduate student in her junior year at Mills College. Katrina is majoring in research psychology and is very interested in gender and social identity, positive psychology and its influence on research dealing with LGBT issues, and social and personality psychology. Katrina is interested in conducting research on gender and sexuality issues as a research psychologist and she is the principal investigator on an investigation reviewing the published psychology literature on LGBTQ persons and heterosexual persons with respect to how the focus of the research is on pathology versus well-being. Katrina has a wide range of interests including skiing, eating good food, cats, dancing, hiking and traveling.