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The Psychology Club is a student-run, on-campus club. Our goal is to coordinate activities, in keeping with student interests, that center on psychological issues and career paths in psychology.

The Psychology Club serves as an important informal network for students, exposing them to ideas and resources outside the classroom and providing opportunities for students to interact and to support each other throughout their undergraduate years at Mills. The Psychology Club is open to all Mills students, and there is no requirement to major or minor in psychology to join the club.

In the past, the club held a "Careers in Psychology" symposium. Four alumni from different sub-fields in psychology spoke about their past and present career goals and the paths they took once they graduated from Mills to achieve their goals. It was informative and enlightening. Other activities have included:

  • Co-sponsoring speakers with the Pre-Med Club (APHSS).
  • Sponsoring guest speakers on current topics in psychology, such as forensic psychology and the International War Crimes Tribunal.
  • Organizing film presentations for viewing and discussion.
  • Coordinating student workshops at the Career Center for internship and employment information.
  • Organizing potlucks.
  • Maintaining up-to-date reference materials on graduate programs in psychology.

The Psychology Club meets in the Psychology Lounge in the Psychology Department and at the Mills Tea Shop. See posted bulletins for dates and times.

The Psychology Lounge serves as a resource room that contains computer facilities for students and brochures and catalogs on graduate programs and schools.

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