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Dr. Christie Chung is Professor of Dr. Christie Chung Psychology at Mills College. She received her Honours BSc as a Psychology Specialist from University of Toronto, her MA and PhD in Applied Cognitive Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, and postdoctoral training in Behavioral Neuroscience at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). When Dr. Chung is not busy thinking about how memory changes with age, she enjoys baking, traveling around the world, going to the gym, playing music on her piano, and singing (PlayStation karaoke games!).

Research Assistants

Chelsea Dees, Research Assistant, graduated from Mills in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Research Psychology. Chelsea Dees She is currently working at a non-profit residential treatment center for adolescent girls. She plans to someday pursue a doctoral degree in clinical psychology with the intent of becoming a therapist and then teaching at the collegiate level. Her interests within psychology include eating disorders, mood disorders, and memory. In her spare time, Chelsea enjoys listening to music, attending live music performances, and traveling.

Juliene Fresnedi graduated magna cum laude USF class of 2015 as a Psychology Major. Having a primary interest in Neuropsychology and the many facets of memory, she joined Mills Cognition Lab as a research assistant in order to further her understanding. Currently, she is spending her time testing research participants in San Francisco for MCL in a study involving facial recognition and its potential correlations with perceived gender identity. When not at work, she enjoys singing,drawing, writing, traveling around the world, spending time with those she loves as well as manning the front desk at Acrosports.

Tiara Jackson joined The Mills Cognition Lab in the Spring of 2015. Tiara Jackson It was with a great need to make sense of the ways in which people of color remember and interpret a past filled with both oppression and resilience that permeates the present. With the guidance of Dr. Chung, Tiara created a major that allows her to explore the intersections of memory, culture, ethnicity. Tiara is greatly interested in the role collective trauma has on memory and whether collective trauma leads to the formation of a collective memory, and if this further enhance group identity and provide a space for collective healing.

Christine MacIntyre

Sarah Peters

Frishta Sharifi, Senior Research Assistant, has graduated from Mills College, in 2008,Frishta SHarifi with a BA in psychology and a minor in women studies. Her goal is to enter a PhD program in clinical-cognitive psychology or neuro-psychology. She is very interested in research in humans' physical health and its relations to cognitive aging. In the field of women studies, Frishta is interested in exploring the conflicts that modern day women (in particular women of the east) experience in terms of reconciliation of their faith/traditions with the necessities of modernity. In her free time, she is busy with personal training and teaching group exercise classes in a gym.

Serena Tsang