Psychology Courses
Course # Course Title
PSYC 040:Life-Span Developmental Psychology
PSYC 049:Fundamentals of Psychology
PSYC 070:Psychology and Language
PSYC 080:Adolescence
PSYC 109:Health Psychology
PSYC 109SL:Health Psychology with Service Learning
PSYC 110:Stress and Disease
PSYC 118:Psychopathology
PSYC 130:Human Memory
PSYC 132:Physiological Psychology
PSYC 140:Life-Span Developmental Psychology
PSYC 142:Attachment and Loss
PSYC 145:Positive Psychology: The Science of Well-Being
PSYC 146:Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 148:Personality
PSYC 151:Research Methods in Psychology
PSYC 155:Social Psychology
PSYC 156:Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 158:Psychology of Intergroup Relations and Prejudice
PSYC 161:Clinical Psychology
PSYC 165:Infancy
PSYC 168:Memory and Aging
PSYC 180:Special Topics in Psychology
PSYC 180A:Behavioral Neuroscience
PSYC 180B:Epigenetics and Behavior
PSYC 191:Thesis Project
PSYC 192:History and Issues in Psychology
PSYC 193:Infant Mental Health Thesis
PSYC 242:Attachment and Loss
PSYC 265:Infancy
PSYC 293A:Infant Mental Health Master's Thesis I
PSYC 293B:Infant Mental Health Master's Thesis II
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