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Each year, the Mills Public Policy Program honors an outstanding senior thesis and/or Master's Policy Report with an award that includes a cash prize.  All papers submitted in the Public Policy Senior Seminar and the MPP Integrative Core II course will be considered for the award.



Shanalee Gallagher, Regionalizing City and County Fire Communications

Rick Rivera, The Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles on City Budgets: A Fiscal and Policy Analysis for Silicon Valley


Dani Finck, Assessing Determinants of Perpetrators: Curriculum Based Intervention Strategies Against the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Oakland, California


Molly Kron, Opportunities for Supporting Marin County’s Low-Income Residents Analysis of Local Earned Income Credit Programs

Runners up:

Suzanne Forsyth Doran, Steering Oakland towards Sustainability, Equity and Innovation: Local Policy Approaches to Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)

Cora Sorenson, Public-Private Sector Engagement for Marine Conservation: Lessons from Australia’s Great Barrier Reef: Transferring Practices for Private Sector Engagement in Large Scale Marine Management to the Coral Triangle


Sarah Garmisa, Keeping Oakland Affordable: A Development Impact Analysis


Kacey Bills,  Using Transportation Analysis to Encourage Infill Retail Development in Oakland


Sabine Nicole Talaugon,  Addressing "Anti-Indian" Historical Bias in California Public Schools Through Best Practices


Laura Flynn,   A Healthy Oakland: Examining the Intersection between Health and Land Use Policies.


Ana Reidy, Reorganizing Recreation and Community Services in Oakland


Bianca Louie, School-Based Health Outreach and Enrollment Strategies


Sonya Rifkin, Comparative Practices and Stakeholder Feedback for Mobile Food Vending Policies in Oakland.


Ayela Mujeeb, Assessing Equity Implications in the Bay Area Express Lane Network.


Chloe Diamond, Culturally Responsive Teaching and Classroom Outcomes: Evaluation of a Language Arts Intervention Program.


Katherine Puliafico, A "Nickel a Drink" Tax Increase: How will California's Alcohol Industry Be Affected?


Drennen Shelton, An Analysis of an Ordinance to Assure the Maintenance of Vacant, Foreclosed Residential Properties.

  Melissa McDonough, Reentry for Girls: A Concise Look and a Path Forward for the Texas Youth Commission.

Caitlin Palmer, Measuring the Equity of Clean Drinking Water: An Environmental Justice Perspective on California's Water Monitoring.


Lauren Duran, Is the Region Ready? Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Zero Emission Busses.


Alysha Nachtigall, The Neighborhood Corridor Project: Linking the Laurel Business District with Mills College and its Neighboring Communities.


Laurel Fedor, In Golden Health: Proposed Health Policies and Micro-Entrepreneurial Women in California.