Philosophy Courses
Course # Course Title
PHIL 010:Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 011:Early Modern Philosophy
PHIL 015:Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 028:Political Philosophy
PHIL 043:Existentialism
PHIL 051:Formal Logic
PHIL 060:Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 062:Ethics
PHIL 063:Environmental Ethics
PHIL 065:Bioethics: Medicine, Law, and Philosophy
PHIL 080:Chinese Philosophy
PHIL 080J:Philosophy and Film: Aesthetics and Metaphysics
PHIL 090:Metaphysics
PHIL 125:Philosophy of Law
PHIL 128:Political Philosophy
PHIL 131:Aesthetics
PHIL 142:Epistemology
PHIL 143:Existentialism
PHIL 144:Language, Meaning, and Understanding
PHIL 145:Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 163:Environmental Ethics
PHIL 165:Bioethics: Medicine, Law, and Philosophy
PHIL 180:Special Topics in Philosophy
PHIL 183:Advanced Seminar in Philosophy
PHIL 184:19th Century European Philosophy: Hegel, Marx, & Nietzsche
PHIL 185:Wittgenstein and Heidegger
PHIL 190:Metaphysics
PHIL 191:Senior Seminar
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