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NASC 050
Community Engaged Teaching and Learning in Science, Technology and Mathematics

This course offers students an intensive community-based learning experience that draws from specialized knowledge from the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Undergraduates will partner with Oakland high school students in experiential learning and problem-solving (e.g., building robots, tackling environmental challenges, applying math to novel contexts) to gain collaborative leadership and mentoring skills. Weekly reflections and discussions will empower students to understand perspectives beyond their own to address challenges in STEM. Offered pass/No pass.

Course Credit:

Charlene Betts-Ng

CHEM 017 or MATH 047

In order to volunteer at the school students need to:1. Pass a TB test2. Be fingerprinted. A class fee of $21 should be added to the course description to cover the cost of fingerprinting.

Meets the following Core Curriculum (or Gen Ed requirement(s)):
Meets the following Core Curriculum requirement(s): Community Engagement

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