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Music Courses
Course # Course Title
MUS 001:Exploring Music: Performance, Creation, and Cultural Practice
MUS 002:Music in Western Culture
MUS 003:Musicianship I–IV
MUS 005:Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint I
MUS 006:Diatonic Harmony and Counterpoint II
MUS 007:Individual Instruction - Instrumental
MUS 009:Individual Instruction - Voice
MUS 014:Musics of the World: Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan
MUS 015:Musics of the World: Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Americas
MUS 016:Women, Gender, and Musical Creativity
MUS 020:American Music
MUS 025:Mills College Choir
MUS 026:Music Improvisation Ensemble I
MUS 027:Contemporary Performance Ensemble
MUS 028:Gamelan Ensemble
MUS 029:Haitian Drumming
MUS 030:Vocal Jazz Improvisation Ensemble
MUS 031:Performance Collective
MUS 032:Early Music Vocal Ensemble-Beginning
MUS 033:Early Music Vocal Ensemble
MUS 034:Early Music Instrumental Ensemble
MUS 035:Early Music Ensemble-Baroque
MUS 040:The Technique and Mystery of Singing
MUS 043:Mills College Percussion Group
MUS 047:Introduction to Electronic Music
MUS 054:Introduction to Computer Music
MUS 056:Musical Form: Listening and Analysis
MUS 057:Individual Instruction - Instrumental
MUS 059:Individual Instruction - Voice
MUS 070:African American Music: The Meaning and the Message
MUS 101:20th-Century Styles and Techniques I: 1900–1945
MUS 102:Experimental Music: From 1952 to the Present
MUS 107:Individual Instruction - Instrumental and Composition
MUS 109:Individual Instruction - Voice
MUS 111:Improvisation Workshop
MUS 113:Intermedia Collaborations
MUS 114:Musics of the World: Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan
MUS 116:Women, Gender, and Musical Creativity
MUS 117:Studies in European Music and Culture to 1750
MUS 118:Classical and Romantic Music
MUS 119:Performance Practice of Baroque and Classical Music
MUS 120:American Music
MUS 121:Film Music: Mood and Meaning
MUS 124:Contemporary Instrumentation and Orchestration
MUS 125:Workshop in Performance and Literature
MUS 126:Music Improvisation Ensemble I
MUS 127:Contemporary Performance Ensemble
MUS 128:Gamelan Ensemble
MUS 129:Haitian Drumming
MUS 130:Vocal Jazz Improvisation Ensemble
MUS 131:Performance Collective
MUS 132:Early Music Vocal Ensemble-Beginning
MUS 133:Early Music Vocal Ensemble
MUS 134:Early Music Instrumental Ensemble
MUS 135:Early Music Ensemble-Baroque
MUS 136:Music Instrument Building
MUS 137:Seminar in Music Literature and Criticism
MUS 140:The Technique and Mystery of Singing
MUS 141:The Music of India: Brahma to Bhangra
MUS 143:Mills College Percussion Group
MUS 147:Introduction to Electronic Music
MUS 148:Post-Tonal Theory and Analysis
MUS 149:Creativity Seminar: conception, collaboration, realization.
MUS 154:Introduction to Computer Music
MUS 155:Advanced Chromatic Harmony and Post-Tonal Theory
MUS 156:Tonal Analysis
MUS 157:Seminar by Visiting Professor
MUS 159:Seminar in Musical Performance, Composition, and Improvisation
MUS 160:Practicum
MUS 161:Sound Techniques of Recording
MUS 163:The World of Opera
MUS 164:Advanced Audio Recording
MUS 165:Sound Art
MUS 170:African American Music: The Meaning and the Message
MUS 180:Special Topics in Music
MUS 180A:ST: Breaking the Sound Barrier: New Directions in Twenty-First Music Research
MUS 180B:Soundscapes and Written Expression
MUS 183:Advanced Seminar in Music
MUS 205:Selected Issues in Composition
MUS 210:Selected Issues in Contemporary Performance and Improvisation
MUS 211:Improvisation Workshop
MUS 212:Seminar in 20th-Century Literature and Theory
MUS 219:Performance Practice of Baroque and Classical Music
MUS 224:Contemporary Instrumentation and Orchestration
MUS 225:Individual Instruction in Performance and Composition
MUS 227:Contemporary Performance Ensemble
MUS 228:Gamelan Ensemble
MUS 229:Haitian Drumming
MUS 230:Vocal Jazz Improvisation Ensemble
MUS 231:Performance Collective
MUS 232:Early Music Vocal Ensemble—Beginning
MUS 233:Early Music Vocal Ensemble
MUS 234:Early Music Instrumental Ensemble
MUS 235:Early Music Ensemble—Baroque
MUS 236:Music Instrument Building
MUS 237:Seminar in Music Literature and Criticism
MUS 241:The Music of India: Brahma to Bhangra
MUS 242:Music Improvisation Ensemble II
MUS 243:Mills College Percussion Group
MUS 248:Post-Tonal Theory and Analysis
MUS 250:Thesis for the Master's Degree
MUS 251:Seminar in Computer Music
MUS 252:Seminar in Electronic Music Performance
MUS 256:Tonal Analysis
MUS 257:Seminar by Visiting Professor
MUS 259:Seminar in Musical Performance, Composition, and Improvisation
MUS 260:Practicum
MUS 261:Sound Techniques of Recording
MUS 264:Advanced Audio Recording
MUS 265:Sound Art
MUS 266:Advanced Orchestration Seminar
MUS 280A:ST: Breaking the Sound Barrier: New Directions in Twenty-First Music Research
MUS 280B:Soundscapes and Written Expression
MUS 291:Composition Seminar
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