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Business Administration
Business Administration Courses
Course # Course Title
MGMT 060:Business and Society
MGMT 073:Introduction to Financial Accounting
MGMT 101:People and Organizations
MGMT 112:Intermediate Financial Accounting
MGMT 115:Managerial Accounting
MGMT 123:Digital Marketing
MGMT 127:Negotiations
MGMT 128:Governmental Accounting and Nonprofit Accounting
MGMT 130:Marketing Management
MGMT 133:Marketing Research
MGMT 147:Project Management
MGMT 170:Nonprofit Management
MGMT 172:Socially Responsible Business
MGMT 175:Social Entrepreneurship
MGMT 186:The Business of Being an Artist
MGMT 190:Senior Project
MGMT 200:Microeconomic Theory
MGMT 201:Macroeconomic Theory
MGMT 202:Administrative Behavior
MGMT 203:Organizational Theory
MGMT 209:Economics for Managers
MGMT 211:Money and Financial Institutions
MGMT 212:Intermediate Financial Accounting
MGMT 213:Individual Investment
MGMT 214:Financial Accounting
MGMT 215:Managerial Accounting
MGMT 216:Corporate Finance I
MGMT 218:Financial Derivatives
MGMT 219:International Finance
MGMT 220:Games and Behavior
MGMT 221:Labor Economics
MGMT 222:Law and Social Responsibility
MGMT 223:Digital Marketing
MGMT 224:Persuasive Communications
MGMT 225:Simulation & Modeling in the Social and Policy Sciences
MGMT 226:Management Information Systems
MGMT 227:Negotiations
MGMT 228:Governmental Accounting and Nonprofit Accounting
MGMT 230:Marketing Management
MGMT 231:Marketing Strategy
MGMT 232:Operations Management
MGMT 233:Marketing Research
MGMT 234:Management & Organizational Development
MGMT 236:Managerial Economics
MGMT 237:Public Sector Economics: The Economics of Government
MGMT 238:Environmental Sustainability and Business
MGMT 239:Urban Economics
MGMT 240:Health Economics
MGMT 242:Industrial Organization and Public Policy
MGMT 244:Leadership and Ethics
MGMT 245:Women and Leadership in Organizations
MGMT 246:Global Business Strategy
MGMT 247:Project Management
MGMT 249:Business Analytics
MGMT 250:Persuasive Oral Presentations
MGMT 253:Environmental Economics
MGMT 255:International Trade
MGMT 260:Capital Markets, Real Estate, and Consulting
MGMT 263:Quantitative Methods
MGMT 264:Econometrics and Business Forecasting
MGMT 265:Cost Accounting
MGMT 266:Tax Accounting
MGMT 267:Financial Statement Analysis
MGMT 270:Nonprofit Management
MGMT 271:Funding Social Impact
MGMT 272:Socially Responsible Business
MGMT 274:Innovation in Business, Social, and Government Organizations
MGMT 275:Social Entrepreneurship
MGMT 278:Social Impact Consulting
MGMT 279:Applied Economic Analysis
MGMT 280:Topics in Business
MGMT 280A:Accounting Information Systems
MGMT 280AS:Business and Natural Systems
MGMT 280BS:Practical Business Models for Social Ventures
MGMT 280CS:Measuring Social Impact
MGMT 281:Introduction to Statistics
MGMT 282:Modeling and Data Analysis
MGMT 283:Advanced Seminar
MGMT 286:The Business of Being an Artist
MGMT 287:Internship in Management
MGMT 288:Management Practicum
MGMT 290:Strategic Management
MGMT 292:Business, Policy, and Society
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Business Administration Course List

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