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History Courses
Course # Course Title
HIST 011:The West and Its Cultural Traditions I
HIST 012:The West and Its Cultural Traditions II
HIST 031:American History I
HIST 032:American History II
HIST 058:Ancient History
HIST 061:China and Japan to 1800
HIST 062:China and Japan Since 1800
HIST 069:Men, Women, and Travel: Tourism in Europe Since the Renaissance
HIST 080:Special Topics in History
HIST 100:Europe in the Middle Ages
HIST 102:The Italian Renaissance
HIST 104:Early Modern Europe
HIST 108:Gender and Society in Early Modern Europe
HIST 109:Irish Nationalism
HIST 110:Fads and Fashions: Popular Culture and European Modernity
HIST 111:Cuisine History
HIST 112:The West and Its Cultural Traditions II
HIST 113:Left and Right in Modern Europe
HIST 115:Sex, Body, and Gender in Early European Societies
HIST 116:History of the American City
HIST 117:The Immigrant Experience
HIST 118:The Civil Rights Movement in the United States, 1941 to the Present
HIST 123:England and the British Empire: From the Rise of the Tudors to the Present
HIST 125:France: From the 1789 Revolution to the Present
HIST 127:Germany and Central Europe: From the Beginnings to the European Union
HIST 129:Spain: From the Golden Age to the Present
HIST 133:The South in American History
HIST 135:Worker in American Life: 1877 to the Present
HIST 136:Screening American History
HIST 137:Prosperity, Depression, and War: America from 1920 to 1945
HIST 138:The United States Since World War II
HIST 140:Diplomatic History of the United States Since 1898
HIST 142:History of the Supreme Court from 1865
HIST 146:Dao and the World of Daoism
HIST 148:Communist China, 1949–1989
HIST 149:Colonial and Revolutionary America
HIST 151:African American History Since Emancipation
HIST 153:Traditional China
HIST 154:Modern China
HIST 155:Modern Japan
HIST 157:China and the US in the 20th Century: Policy, Interests, and Imagination
HIST 158:Growing Up in America
HIST 160:History of Women in America
HIST 169:Men, Women, and Travel: Tourism in Europe Since the Renaissance
HIST 173:Eastern Europe, the Russian Revolution, and Evolution of the European Union
HIST 180:Special Topics in History
HIST 180A:ST: Russia from the Middle Ages to the Present
HIST 183:Advanced Seminar in History
HIST 189:History and Its Methods
HIST 190:Senior Thesis Seminar
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