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Global Humanities and Critical Thought
Degree Requirements

Global Humanities and Critical Thought Major
(a minimum of 36 semester course credits)

Required: The global humanities and critical thought major consists of three components, two foundational courses in theory and philosophy, two semesters of language or the equivalent (see explanation below), an independent translation project, five electives, and a senior thesis.

Foundation courses (select two of the following):

PHIL 010 Ancient Philosophy (3)

PHIL 011 Early Modern Philosophy (4)

ETHS 041 Inventing the “Other,” Policing Differences (3)

ENG 104 Introduction to Literary Theory (4)

WGSS 106 Postcolonial Feminist Theory and Literature (3)

Language Other Than English Requirement

At least two Mills College courses (4 semester course credits each) beyond the first year of a language other than English*

LET 195: Independent translation project (3)

*Students who wish to study a language not offered at Mills may apply course work taken at another institution.


Electives must represent at least three different theoretical or philosophical disciplines or approaches. Select five of the following:

ARTH 181 The Art of Mughal India (3)

ARTH 192 Seminar Gender and the Western Visual Tradition (3)

ARTH 199 Critical and Theoretical Approaches to the History of Art (3)

ENG 157 African Literature (4)

ENG 174 The Bible as Literature (4)

ETHS 114 Representing Blackness Film and Literature in Africa and the Diaspora (4)

ETHS 126 Theories of Race and Ethnicity (3)

ETHS 150 Black Feminist Theory (3)

FREN 144 De-colonizing Algeria Francophone Algerian Women Writers and Filmmakers (4)

FREN 155 Reading Otherness in the French Enlightenment (4)

FREN 162 Aesthetics of the Body in Literature (4)

FREN 168 Francophone Caribbean Women Writers from Martinique, Guadeloupe and Haiti (4)

FREN 170 Debunking Orientalist Stereotypes Asian Writings in French (3)

HIST 146 Dao and the World of Daoism (3)

LET/CHNS 100 Chinese Culture through Film (4)

LET 111 Theorizing Cultural Studies in the Americas (3)

LET 115 Reading African and Caribbean Literatures (3)

LET 128 The Enlightenment (3)

LET 129 History of Emotions (3)

LET 131 Cultures and Identities of the Americas and the Caribbean (3)

LET 149 Post-Colonial Conditions Contemporary Women’s Writings from Africa (3)

LET 155 Reading War in Postcolonial Literature from Africa (3)

LET 161 Latin American Women Writers in Translation (3)

LET 166 National Literatures of Latin America (3)

LET 169 Hispanic Cinema (4)

MUS 141 The Music of India (3)

PHIL 128 Political Philosophy (3)

PHIL 131 Aesthetics (3)

PHIL 142 Epistemology (3)

PHIL 143 Existentialism (3)

PHIL 144 Language, Meaning, and Understanding (3)

PHIL 145 Philosophy of Mind (3)

PHIL 184 19th Century European Philosophy (3)

PHIL 185 Wittgenstein and Heidegger (3)

PHIL 190 Metaphysics (3)

REL 040 Introduction to the Study of Religions (3)

SPAN 172 Intersections of Art and Poetry (4)

SPAN 183 Seminar in Iberian, Latin American and US Latina[o] Literatures (4)

WGSS 110 Sex, Body, and Gender in Early European Societies (3)

WGSS 131 Women in Islam (3)

WGSS 175 Transnational Sexualities (3)

Senior Thesis (4)

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