French and Francophone Studies
French & Francophone Studies Courses
Course # Course Title
FREN 001:Elementary French I
FREN 002:Elementary French II
FREN 003:Intermediate French III
FREN 004:Intermediate French IV
FREN 100:Advanced Grammar, Translation and Writing
FREN 101:Introduction to French Literature
FREN 102:Introduction to Francophone Literature
FREN 143:Popular Tales: a Cross-Cultural Comparison
FREN 144:De-colonizing Algeria: Algerian Women Writers and Filmmakers
FREN 145:The Francophone Levant and the Ottoman Empire
FREN 146:Contemporary French and Francophone Theory
FREN 147:Dangerous Crossings:War and Migration in Francophone African and Middle Eastern Literature
FREN 155:Reading Otherness in the French Enlightenment
FREN 162:Aesthetics of the Body in Literature
FREN 168:Francophone Women's Writing from Martinique, Haiti, and Guadeloupe
FREN 170:Debunking Orientalist Stereotypes: Asian Writings in French
FREN 180:Special Topics in French & Francophone Literature
FREN 191:Senior Thesis
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