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Environmental Studies
Degree Requirements
Environmental Studies Major  |  Environmental Studies Minor

Environmental Studies Major
(a minimum of 43 semester course credits)


BIO 002 General Biology II (4)
BIO 001 is not required as a prerequisite for BIO 002 for Environmental Studies majors.

BIO 125 Principles of Ecology (4)

CHEM 004 Introduction to College Chemistry (3) or
CHEM 017 General Chemistry I (4)
CHEM 017 is recommended as preparation for upper-division natural science courses.

ECON 050 Introduction to Economics* (4)

ECON 081 Introduction to Statistics* (4) or
MATH 102 Probability and Statistics* (4)

ECON 153 Environmental Economics (4)

ENVS 022 Introduction to Environmental Science (3)

PPOL 150 Environmental Policy Analysis (4)

ECON 192 Senior Seminar (4) or
PPOL 191 Senior Seminar (4)

Electives (a minimum of 9 semester course credits):

Choose one elective from each perspective list, plus an additional elective from either list, in consultation with your major advisor. Other courses that address environmental issues may be substituted for these electives with the advisor’s approval.

Social Science Perspectives

ANTH 158 Cultural Anthropology (3)

ECON 134 Public Sector Economics: The Economics of Government* (4)

PHIL 063 Environmental Ethics (3)

PPOL 015 Introduction to Policy: Identifying and Solving Public Problems (3)

PPOL 100 Methods of Policy Analysis* (4)

SOC 128 Geographic Information Systems and Sociological Geography (3)

Natural Science Perspectives

BIO 144 Animal Behavior (3)

BIO 145 Community and Ecosystem Ecology (3)

BIO 149 Conservation Biology (4)

BIO 055/155 Plant Ecology (4)

BIO 158 Marine Biology (4)

BIO 161 Vertebrate Biology (4)

CHEM 018 General Chemistry II (4)

ENVS 050 Environmental Geology (4)

ENVS 105 Oceanography (3)

ENVS 107 Climate Change (3)

* Meets a foundation requirement for the accelerated MPP degree.
ECON 081 also meets a foundation requirement for the accelerated MBA degree.

Environmental Studies Minor
(a minimum of 20 semester course credits)


BIO 002 General Biology II (4)

ECON 050 Introduction to Economics (4)

ENVS 022 Introduction to Environmental Science (3)

GOVT 121 The Public Policy-Making Process (3)

And select two additional electives from the social science perspectives or natural science perspectives lists above.

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