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Learning economics prepares students to make more informed choices as citizens of their country and the world through understanding how the world's scarce resources can be used to satisfy human needs and desires. The Economics Program at Mills offers courses in the theoretical foundations of decisions faced by individuals in the labor market, by business firms in maximizing profits, by governments in choosing and financing public programs, and by nations in improving their standards of living.

The economics major prepares students for a wide range of careers, as well as graduate study in law, economics, or business. The major develops analytic skills applicable in many different settings and helps students develop mathematical, written, and oral communication skills.

The San Francisco Bay Area offers a wide variety of internships that enhance the academic program.

Concentration in International Markets and Policy

A concentration within the economics major, International Markets and Policy, is designed to prepare students for high achievement in international careers. Globalization offers tremendous opportunities, and this concentration is intended to help students seize them. The program of study echoes the curricular strengths of top graduate programs in foreign affairs and prepares students for similar opportunities: jobs in global firms, foreign service, diplomacy, government agencies, and international organizations. Such opportunities require broad understanding of the global political and economic framework in which those entities operate. They also call for quantitative and analytical skills to support effective decision-making in a complex environment. The rise of big data and the push for evidence-based decision-making have increased the premium on those skills. As at top foreign affairs schools, the concentration makes economics the primary disciplinary focus, develops students’ language skills, and offers them choice among context courses to support their specific interests.

The concentration has an advantage over graduate programs: four years of study gives students time for more courses—inside and outside the major—to feed their interests and strengthen their language skills. It also leaves them well prepared for graduate study in foreign affairs.

The concentration also offers students new ways to act on their commitment to inclusion, social justice, and sustainability. That commitment goes beyond our borders. With an understanding of the global economy and its institutions, students are better equipped to pursue their goals of social justice and environmental stewardship throughout the world, whether they become socially responsible managers in global firms, or enter public service in the international sphere.

View the Concentration in International Markets and Policy Requirements

Mills College’s innovative Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Accelerated Degree Programs allow you to earn a master’s degree in one additional year of study. Combining a master’s degree with a liberal arts undergraduate education prepares you for career success and increased options upon graduation. Mills students in this major should consider one of these options:
Applied Economics (MAE)
Business Management (MBA)
Teacher Education
Interdisciplinary Computer Science
Public Policy

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