Dance Courses
Course # Course Title
DNC 001:Elementary Ballet
DNC 002:Introduction to Dance Studies: Theory and Practice
DNC 003:Intermediate Ballet
DNC 005:Dance Technique I: Elementary Modern
DNC 011:Ballet Barre
DNC 013:Somatic Arts
DNC 014:Dance Forms: Chinese Folk Dance
DNC 015:Jazz
DNC 016:African Haitian and Dunham Technique
DNC 034:Dance Improvisation
DNC 037:How to Make Dances
DNC 079:Labanotation Studies
DNC 080:Laban Studies
DNC 101:Elementary Ballet
DNC 103:Intermediate Ballet
DNC 105:Dance Technique I: Elementary Modern Dance
DNC 107:Dance Technique II
DNC 108:Dance Technique II
DNC 109:Dance Technique III
DNC 110:Movement Research
DNC 111:Ballet Barre
DNC 113:Somatic Arts
DNC 114:Dance Forms: Chinese Folk Dance
DNC 115:Jazz
DNC 116:African Haitian and Dunham Technique
DNC 131:Screendance
DNC 133:Applied Concepts in Kinesiology
DNC 134:Dance Improvisation
DNC 137:How to Make Dances
DNC 152:Action Lab
DNC 153:Theory of Teaching Dance
DNC 155A:Repertory Dance Company
DNC 155B:Repertory Dance Company
DNC 157:Music and Dance
DNC 159:Stage Production
DNC 165:Modern to Contemporary Performance: History, Theory, and Practice
DNC 170:Seminar in Interdisciplinary Collaboration
DNC 174:Ballet History from the 16th through the 19th Centuries
DNC 176:Dance Cultures
DNC 179:Labanotation Studies
DNC 180:Special Topics in Dance
DNC 180A:Special Topics in Dance
DNC 180AS:Embodied Mindfulness
DNC 181:Solo Choreography
DNC 182:Group Choreography
DNC 183:Advanced Seminar in Dance
DNC 184:Choreography: Construction Project
DNC 187:Live and Online
DNC 190:Senior Project in Dance Research
DNC 191:Senior Project in Dance Research: Choreography
DNC 196:Digital Performance
DNC 198:Dance Theater in Traditional and Contemporary Performance
DNC 210:Movement Research
DNC 231:Screendance
DNC 243:Independent Project
DNC 250A:Thesis: Research Project
DNC 250B:Thesis: Writing
DNC 250C:Thesis: Concert
DNC 252:Action Lab
DNC 253:Theory of Teaching Dance
DNC 254:Laboratory Teaching of Dance
DNC 255A:Repertory Dance Company
DNC 255B:Repertory Dance Company
DNC 265:Modern to Contemporary Performance: History, Theory, and Practice
DNC 270:Seminar in Interdisciplinary Collaboration
DNC 282:Group Choreography
DNC 284:Choreography: Construction Project
DNC 285:Sources and Inventions
DNC 286:Contemporary Choreography: Stylistic and Contextual Investigations
DNC 287:Live and Online
DNC 288:Critical Acts
DNC 291:Early Modern Women: Western Dance Pioneers
DNC 292:The Diaghilev Ballets Russes and the Making of Modern Culture
DNC 293:Contemporary Issues in Choreography
DNC 296:Digital Performance
DNC 297:Ideas about Space
DNC 298:Dance Theater in Traditional and Contemporary Performance
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