Areas of Study
Learn in an environment dedicated to intellectual exploration.

Fascinating courses will challenge your assumptions, provoke your thought, and stimulate your imagination. You might be drawn to Mills' exceptional dance, music, and visual arts programs, finding yourself part of a tradition of internationally recognized study and performance. You might immerse yourself in ethnic studies, taking advantage of fieldwork opportunities in the extraordinarily diverse Oakland area. In Mills' English Program, you might explore workshops in creative writing taught by published authors. If you're passionate about science, you might gravitate to the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program or to the natural science approach to psychology, which includes one of the few undergraduate courses in the nation on attachment theory.

If your interests combine multiple disciplines not covered by an established Mills major, perhaps you'll want to design your own. You also can choose one of our accelerated degree programs which enable you to earn a bachelor's and a master's degree with just one additional year of study at Mills. Whatever your interests, you'll have opportunities to take courses in many disciplines. At Mills College, exploration is encouraged at all levels.

Last Updated: 3/15/18