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Computer Science

In view of the pervasive roles that quantitative analysis and technology play throughout our society, a basic familiarity with the discipline of computer science has become an integral part of a liberal arts education. As a college for women, Mills recognizes the importance of encouraging women to study computer science and of providing them with the high-quality instruction they need to succeed in this discipline. Encouraging computer literacy, along with hands-on experience with computer systems, is part of the College's continued effort to increase the analytical and technical competence of its graduates.

Mills has an unusually distinguished record of pioneering in computer science, particularly for a liberal arts college. Between 1960 and 1974, the College progressed from a single course in computing with one professor and one student to a full-fledged computer science major. Mills was the first women's college to offer an undergraduate degree in computer science and to establish a Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Computer Science Major and Minor

Today, the major and minor encompass the core curriculum recommended by the Association for Computing Machinery. The major is designed to provide the student with fundamental concepts and problems in computer science and to prepare her for a career and/or graduate study in computer science and related fields. 

To declare a major in computer science, a student must have completed Introduction to Computer Science (CS 063), Computer Concepts and Intermediate Programming (CS 064), Data Structures and Algorithms (CS 124), and Discrete Mathematics I (MATH 004). The grade in each of these courses must be at least a B-. Some exceptions may be made upon the recommendation of the department. Students required to declare a major before completing these courses may provisionally declare the computer science major. The provisional declaration will be revoked if the student does not earn at least a B- in CS 063, CS 064, CS 124, and MATH 004.

Accelerated Degree Program: BA/MA in Interdisciplinary Computer Science

Mills offers a unique Accelerated Degree Program: BA/MA in interdisciplinary computer science. Undergraduate students enrolled in the program major in a field different from computer science, while simultaneously working on the degree requirements for an MA in interdisciplinary computer science. They receive a BA upon completion of undergraduate degree requirements, which usually takes four years, and they receive an MA upon the completion of the graduate degree requirements, which usually takes an additional year. Students may minor in computer science and pursue a BA/MA in interdisciplinary computer science.

Undergraduates at Mills are encouraged to apply for admission to the program and, if possible, make their intentions known by their junior year. At that time, they will be assigned a second advisor, one in computer science.

Mills College’s innovative Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Accelerated Degree Programs allow you to earn a master’s degree in one additional year of study. Combining a master’s degree with a liberal arts undergraduate education prepares you for career success and increased options upon graduation. Mills students in this major should consider one of these options:
Applied Economics (MAE)
Business Management (MBA)
Teacher Education
Public Policy

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