Computer Science
Computer Science Courses
Course # Course Title
CS 062:Contemporary Computing
CS 063:Introduction to Computer Science
CS 064:Computer Concepts and Intermediate Programming
CS 080:Topics in Computer Science
CS 080AJ:Python For All
CS 080K:Python Computer Programming
CS 111:Computer Architecture
CS 113:Compiler Design and Implementation
CS 114:Programming Languages
CS 115:Mobile Application Development
CS 122:Operating Systems
CS 124:Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 125:Theory of Algorithms
CS 127:Linear Optimization
CS 128:Theory of Computation
CS 131:Computer Networks
CS 133:Cryptography and Network Security
CS 141:Machine Learning
CS 170:Software Engineering
CS 180:Topics in Computer Science
CS 180A:ST: iOS Development with Swift
CS 180AJ:Python For All
CS 180B:ST: Bridging the Hardware/Software Divide
CS 180C:ST: Computer Graphics
CS 180G:Applied Machine Learning
CS 186:Web Programming
CS 200:Data, Apps, and Analytics in the Cloud
CS 214:Programming Languages
CS 215:Mobile Application Development
CS 225:Theory of Algorithms
CS 227:Linear Optimization
CS 228:Theory of Computation
CS 231:Computer Networks
CS 232:The Interdisciplinary Computer Science Research Process
CS 233:Cryptography and Network Security
CS 241:Machine Learning
CS 250:Thesis for Degree of Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Computer Science
CS 270:Software Engineering
CS 280:Topics in Computer Science
CS 280A:ST: iOS Development with Swift
CS 280B:ST: Bridging the Hardware/Software Divide
CS 280C:ST: Computer Graphics
CS 286:Web Programming
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