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Computer Science

Helen Pillans Award

This award is given in honor of Helen Pillans, who taught at Mills for many years and who was responsible for the establishment of the computer science program at Mills in the 1960's.

Rachel Kawula (2016)

Past awardees:

Renee Johnston (2015)

Colin Lockard (2014)

Amelia J. Parmidge  (2014)

Christine Noelle Donovan (2013)

Megumi Hora (2013)

Mary Moon (2012)

Kathryn Feeney (2011)

Simon Fishel (2010)

Helen Tompkins (2010)

Kathyrene Villariba (2010)

Nichole Stockman (2009)

Karina Ivanetich (2007)

Laurie Jones (2006)

Eva Shon (2005)

Anne Young (2004)

Ledah Casburn (2003)

Patricia Enriquez (2002)

Holly Fait (2001)

Cloud Force (2000)

Brian Sorkin (1999)

Anita Huang (1998)

Theen-Theen Tan (1995)


Lennox-McEntyre Award

(formerly McEntyre Award)

This award is given for excellence in computer science and contributions to the computer science community.

Elise Richards (2016)

Past awardees:

Rachel Kawula (2015)

Ching Yu  (2014)

Amelia J. Parmidge  (2013)

Jodessa Lanzaderas (2012)

Simon Fishel (2011)

Daniela Nicole Extrum-Fernandez (2010)

Cory Burke (2007)

Miya Sneed (2006)

Barton Friedland (2005)

Amy Palke (2004)

Emily Mayeda (2004)

Tu Tran (2003)

Susan Housand (2002)

Lisa Collart (2001)

Simona Carini (2000)

Alison Huml (2000)

Michele Co (1999)

Sami Rollins (1998)

Theen-Theen Tan (1996)



Lenore Blum Award

(formerly George Brown Award)

This award is given for outstanding scholastic achievement in mathematics.

Arina Ushakova (2016)

Past awardees:

Brenna Baker, Alexandra Michel (2015)

Katherine Allen (2014)

Erika Refsland (2014)

Emily Claire Searle-White (2013)

Savannah Smith (2012)

Alison Mirin (2011)

Isidora Jimenez (2010)

Yun Miao (2010)

Nichole Stockman (2009)

Eliza Rogers (2008)

Tomoko Katayama (2007)

Nancy Ho (2006)

Pamela Aller (2005)

Catherine Nightingale (2004)

Tuyet Linh Phan (2003)

Alicia Urdapilleta (2003)

Sarah Clark (2002)

Amy Adams (2001)

Katherine Miller (2000)

Miu-ling Lai (1999)


Other Mills prizes honoring MCS faculty and students

Outstanding Teaching Award

The Outstanding Teaching Award recognizes a faculty member(s) who has created an inclusive classroom environment that supports the academic success of all students

Steven Givant (2013)


Bruce McCollum Prize (Natural Sciences and Mathematics Division)

Established in 1960 by Mrs. Bruce McCollum in memory of her husband, this award is given to a senior majoring in science or mathematics with the highest attainment in scholarship.

Brenna Baker (2015)

Past awardees:

Amelia J. Parmidge  (2014)

Emily Claire Searle-White (2013)

Roseanna Pealatere (2012)

Daniela Nicole Extrum-Fernandez (2011)

Nichole Stockman (2009)

Katherine Miller (2001)


Elizabeth Mudd Senior Prize

This monetary award was established in 1927 for excellence in scholarship.

Past awardees:

Daniela Nicole Extrum-Fernandez (2011)

Alison Claire Mirin (2011)


Aurelia Henry Reinhardt Faculty Purse for Graduate Study

This award is given to an outstanding graduate to support graduate study abroad or in the U.S.

Past awardees:

Roseanna Pealatere (2012)

Eva Shon (2005)

Tuyet Linh Phan (2003)

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