Course Description

COLL 042
Theory and Practice for Peer-Guided Learning
Fall and Spring

This course is designed to provide Mills peer tutors and mentors with the theoretical background and practical strategies for encouraging and building independent learning in others. Faculty-nominated students will tutor through the Office of Learning, Advising, and Balance for at least 3 hours per week well as attend weekly lecture and/or group reflections. This course fulfills the Community Engaged Learning (CEL) requirement, and as such, each student will create a reflective ePortfolio on the peer-guided learning experience.

Course Credit:

Donald Crampton
Instructor consent required.

Students nominated by faculty as peer tutors or mentors.
Open to undergraduates only.

Meets the following Core Curriculum (or Gen Ed requirement(s)):
Meets the following Core Curriculum requirement(s): Community Engagement




















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