Chemistry Courses
Course # Course Title
CHEM 004:Introduction to College Chemistry
CHEM 011:Chemistry of Cooking
CHEM 017:General Chemistry I
CHEM 018:General Chemistry II
CHEM 037N:Survey of Chemistry for Nurses
CHEM 038N:Survey of Chemistry II: Principles of Nutrition for Nurses
CHEM 080N:Special Topics: Intro to College Chemistry with Lab
CHEM 105:Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 106:Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 107:Accelerated Organic Chemistry with laboratory
CHEM 108:Applied Organic Chemistry with Lab
CHEM 109:Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 134:Experimental Physical Chemistry
CHEM 135:Quantum Mechanics
CHEM 136:Thermodynamics
CHEM 145:Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry with Laboratory
CHEM 146:Advanced Organic Chemistry with Laboratory
CHEM 164:Nuclear Chemistry
CHEM 179A:Directed Research
CHEM 180:Special Topics in Chemistry
CHEM 191:Senior Seminar
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