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General Information
All students may register online through myMILLS via the Mills Resource Portal during the designated registration periods.

Prior to registering, all students must consult with their advisors regarding their course selection. The advisor must approve the student's course selection before the student will be allowed to register.

Registering online requires that the advisor release the registration hold that has been placed on the student's record. Therefore, only students who have made arrangements for their advisor to release this hold will be able to register online. Students who wish to register in the M Center must have a registration form signed by their advisor.

Refer to the Academic Calendar for registration dates and deadlines.

Priority Registration
Continuing students will have access to online registration during the Priority Registration period. Class level will determine when access to Priority Registration will begin.  Exact dates for registration are included on the Academic Calendar.  Please note that January and Summer term enrollment is optional. 

New Student Registration
Entering and readmitted students register during New Student Registration. Exact dates are available on the Academic Calendar. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will contact new undergraduate students about the registration process. 

Final Registration
Students that did not register during the designated Priority Registration or New Student Registration periods will be able to do so without penalty during Final Registration. 

Late Registration
Students wishing to register after the Add deadline must petition the Academic Standing Committee (ASC). Late registration does not excuse a student from the regular assigned work of a course. Students who do not register for any courses by the Add Deadline will be administratively withdrawn from the College. 


Course Selection
Students may choose undergraduate courses from any academic department as long as applicable prerequisites have been met. The fall and summer course schedule is available online in late March; the winter and spring course schedule is available in early November.  

Before students can register online, they must consult with their assigned advisor to finalize their schedule and obtain approval of their course selection. Students may access Student Records/View Student Information in their myMILLS account, via the Mills Resource Portal, to confirm their advising assignment.

Class Meeting Times
Classes that meet three days per week are scheduled for 50 minutes, for a total of 150 minutes of instruction per week. Classes that meet two days per week are scheduled for 75 minutes, for a total of 150 minutes of instruction per week. Seminars are scheduled for one class meeting per week for 150 minutes. Evening classes are generally scheduled for one meeting per week for 150 minutes, although occasionally a class may meet for 75 minutes two evenings per week.

Canceled Courses
Courses may be canceled at the College's discretion. In the case of a course cancellation, students will be dropped from the class and notified by email.

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Adding or Dropping a Course
Students may make changes to their registration as needed by adding or dropping courses online during their designated Priority Registration or New Student Registration periods, or during Final Registration.

During the Add/Drop Period, students who wish to add or drop a course may do so online without penalty up to the Add Deadline. If adding a course that was closed for registration, the signature of the instructor is also required.

After the Add Deadline, students may add a course only with the approval of the Academic Standing Committee (ASC). If the petition is approved, the course will be added to the student's schedule and an ASC petition fee of $150 will be charged to the student's account as well any associated tuition fees. Add/Drop forms are available online.

During the Late Drop Period, the two weeks between the Add Deadline and Drop Deadline, students may drop a course by completing an Add/Drop form and securing the signature of the advisor. Courses that are dropped prior to the Drop deadline will not appear on transcripts. Exact dates are available on the Academic Calendar.

Students making changes to their registration must refer to the Tuition and Fees Adjustment Policy and Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. 

Students may not drop all courses in a term via online registration. Dropping all courses requires taking a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from the College, which is handled through a different process. Students wishing to drop all courses should refer to the Attendance Requirements section of the catalog for information about Withdrawal or Leave of Absence. 

Withdrawing from a Course
Between the Drop Deadline and last day to withdraw from a class, students may withdraw from a course by completing a Registration Withdrawal Form, securing the signatures of the advisor and instructor, and submitting the form to the M Center. Courses from which a student has withdrawn will appear on the transcript with a 'W' grade, which is not used in calculating the student's GPA. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar for the exact dates.

Registration Withdrawal forms are available online.

Unofficial Withdrawal
Students who cease attending a course without dropping or withdrawing from the course may receive either an 'F' grade or a 'UW' (Unofficial Withdrawal) at the sole discretion of the instructor.

Changing Grade Options
Most Mills academic courses are offered with two grading options: graded or "Pass/No Pass." Other courses are offered for "Pass/No Pass" only. In the case of courses that have both grade options, students should select the option when they register.

Students who wish to change the grading option of a course may do so online during their designated Priority registration or New Student Registration, or during Final Registration. Changes to grading options may be made online during the Add/Drop period by completing an Add/Drop form during the Late Drop Period and securing the signature of their advisor. After the Drop Deadline students may change the grading option of a course only with the approval of the Academic Standing Committee. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar for the exact deadline.

Variable Credit
Courses that are listed in the catalog with a range of credit give the student the option to choose the amount credit they wish when registering. Students wishing to change credit value for these courses may do so online during the time they have access to online registration, prior to the Add Deadline. Students should list the course with the original credit amount as a drop and the same course with the new credit amount as an add. Refer to the Academic Calendar for exact dates.

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Auditing a Course

Matriculated students may formally audit a course with permission from the instructor and faculty advisor. Auditors do not participate in class work, take examinations, or receive credit, and they may not subsequently request to receive credit by examination. Full-time students do not pay an additional fee to audit a course; part-time students may refer to the Tuition and Fees section of this catalog for information regarding the costs associated with auditing courses.

Matriculated students who choose to audit a course may register for the course or change the grading option during the time they have access to online registration. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to register to audit a course after the Add Deadline. In addition, students will not be allowed to change a grading option to or from 'Audit' after the Add Deadline. Students who drop all course work except an audited course must complete an Application for Auditor Status, available online and in the M Center (see Auditors).

Individuals who are not degree-seeking Mills students are welcome to audit Mills courses. Auditors do not participate in class work, take examinations, or receive credit, and they may not subsequently request to receive credit by examination. An Application for Auditor Status is available online and requires the signatures of the student, the instructor, and the head of the applicable department. Once these signatures are obtained, the form is submitted to the M Center and the student will be enrolled in the course(s). The auditor may attend the class only after the form is submitted and the fee has been paid. Refer to the Tuition and Fees section of this catalog for information regarding the costs associated with auditing courses.

Special Courses

In addition to courses listed in the course schedule, students may register for independent study, directed research, teaching practica, and internship course credits. For a description of these opportunities, see the Special Courses section of this catalog. Registering for these courses requires a separate form, available online; or, in the case of internships, at Career Services. Forms must be submitted to the M Center by the Add Deadline. Internship petitions are reviewed by the Academic Standing Committee, which meets each week during the academic year excluding holidays. Students may not register for special courses online.

Individual Music Instruction
Students who wish to enroll in individual instrument or voice instruction should register for the course as listed in the course schedule at the appropriate level, determined in consultation with their advisor. Students must then contact the Music Department to schedule an audition to be placed with an instructor. Since auditions are a part of the process, students should not assume that they will be enrolled in the class. Once placements are confirmed by the Music Department, the specific course and instructor will be added to the student's schedule. Students who are not placed or who no longer wish to take individual instruction must formally drop the course through the Add/Drop process.

Service Learning/Community Engaged Learning
Mills offers some courses with an optional 1.0 credit for service learning. These courses are listed in the schedule as a separate section of the regular course for 4.0 credits. This additional 1.0 credit is earned for volunteer work related to the subject matter of the course, and may require additional assignments or meetings at the discretion of the instructor. Service learning credit must be associated with an academic course. Students may take one service learning course per semester.  Some courses may fulfill the Core Curriculum requirement for Community Engaged Learning.  Please refer to the Core Curriculum list to see specific courses.


Students who wish to participate in the Mills cross-registration program must complete the Cross-Registration Permit, which requires approval of each institution's registrar, the student's advisor, and the instructor of the course. The student attends the first class session at the host institution to secure the instructor’s signature. (See Cross-Registration under Academic Opportunities Off Campus.)



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