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Art (Studio)

Space is limited to four students. Workshop sign-up sheets are posted in the Sculpture Building Studio near the tool room door (sign-up is not required for the orientations).

Basic Orientation

The Basic Orientation is a short introduction to standard shop policies and expectations with the Shop Technician. Presence at an orientation is required for all students interested in attending any of the following workshops.
Estimated Length: 30-45 minutes
Dates: Please contact Chelsea Pegram at to schedule a time for an orientation.

Table Saw Intensive

The table saw is perhaps the most versatile tool in any woodshop but is also one of the more dangerous and intimidating. In this workshop we will focus on the table saw, what it can do and what it can't, how to use it safely and what can go wrong. We will discuss jigs that make specific cuts more safe, easy and accurate, work with the dado set and go over more advanced operations (bevel cuts, rabbets, etc).
Prerequisite: Basic Orientation
Estimated Length: 3 hours 

Making a Solid Wood Toolbox

In this workshop we will make small wooden tool boxes. We will use and go over a large variety of stationary tools including the chopsaw, band saw, jointer, planer, and drill press.
Prerequisite: Table Saw Intensive
Estimated length: 3 hours

Carving a Spoon

In this workshop we will carve spoons from solid wood. We will go over and use a variety of tools including bandsaw, sanding station, drills, die grinders and a host of hard carving tools.
Prerequisite: Basic Orientation
Estimated Length: 3 hours

Intro to Metals (non-welding)

In this workshop we will begin looking at cold metal working techniques and preparing materials for welding. We will discuss cutting, bending, and drilling metal and go over some basic cold joining techniques.
Prerequisite: Basic Orientation
Estimated Length: 3 hours

Metal Working: Welding

This workshop covers the basics of the MIG welding system. We will go over welding theory, metal preparation and safety. By the end of the workshop, students will be comfortable setting up and shutting down the welding system, running beads and performing basic welds.  
Prerequisite: Basic Orientation
Estimated Length: 3 hours


Digital Lab Basic Orientation

This workshop introduces users to the equipment and procedures used in the Digital Lab. It is a requirement for all prior to using the Digital Lab. If you have not received this orientation during a photo class schedule this training with the Studio Technician.
Date: Please contact Phil Bond at to schedule a time for an orientation.

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