Art (Studio)
Art (Studio) Courses
Course # Course Title
ARTS 005:Basic Composition
ARTS 007:Three-Dimensional Concepts
ARTS 009:Painting (Beginning)
ARTS 011:Contemporary Art: Ideas and Practice
ARTS 029:Sculpture 1
ARTS 043:Darkroom Photography: Making + Engaging
ARTS 044:Digital Photography: Material + Process
ARTS 073:Advanced Sculpture
ARTS 091:Ceramics
ARTS 105:Basic Composition
ARTS 107:Three-Dimensional Concepts
ARTS 109:Painting (Beginning)
ARTS 110:Photography: Seeing + Knowing
ARTS 111:Contemporary Art: Ideas and Practice
ARTS 113:Photography: Pictures, Things + Meanings
ARTS 117:Photographic Structures
ARTS 129:Sculpture 1
ARTS 143:Darkroom Photography: Making + Engaging
ARTS 144:Digital Photography: Material + Process
ARTS 145:Digital Photography: Material + Process
ARTS 147:Installation
ARTS 149:The Artist Using Photography
ARTS 151:Advanced Drawing
ARTS 158:Photography Seminar
ARTS 161:Advanced Painting
ARTS 164:Advanced Ceramics
ARTS 173:Advanced Sculpture
ARTS 180:Special Topics in Studio Art
ARTS 180A:ST: Artists, Editions, and Multiples
ARTS 180AS:Artists,Editions,and Multiple
ARTS 180B:ST: Texting or How to Write about Contemporary Art
ARTS 180BS:Texting or How to Write about Contemporary Art,
ARTS 180J:Art and Performance as Political Expression
ARTS 183:Advanced Seminar in Studio Art
ARTS 189:Senior Seminar: Studio Art
ARTS 190:Senior Exhibition
ARTS 191:Ceramics
ARTS 201:Concentrations in Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Electronic Arts, Video
ARTS 205:Concentrations in Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture/Intermedia
ARTS 205A:Graduate Studio Concentration in Painting
ARTS 205B:Graduate Studio Concentration in Critique
ARTS 229:Sculpture 1
ARTS 247:Installation
ARTS 280J:Art and Performance as Political Expression
ARTS 287:Topics in Contemporary Art
ARTS 288:Contemporary Art and Critical Thinking
ARTS 291:Graduate Seminar
ARTS 293:Degree Exhibition and Artist Statement


Intermedia Arts Courses
Course # Course Title
IART 043:History of Intermedia and Electronic Art
IART 047:Video I
IART 110:Introduction to Visual and Sound Programming
IART 119:Electronic Arts
IART 120:Advanced Electronic Arts
IART 121:Advanced Circuitry for Electronic Arts
IART 143:History of Intermedia and Electronic Art
IART 147:Video I
IART 148:Video II
IART 149:Advanced Video Programming
IART 191:Senior Seminar: Intermedia
IART 192:Senior Portfolio and Exhibition
IART 219:Electronic Arts
IART 220:Advanced Electronic Arts
IART 221:Advanced Circuitry for Electronic Arts
IART 243:History of Intermedia and Electronic Art
IART 247:Video I
IART 248:Video II
IART 249:Advanced Video Programming
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