Art History
Art History Courses
Course # Course Title
ARTH 018:Introduction to Western Art I
ARTH 019:Introduction to Western Art II
ARTH 034:Museum Studies Workshop
ARTH 081:Introduction to Asian Art: India, Nepal, and Tibet
ARTH 082:Introduction to Asian Art: China
ARTH 121:The Italian Renaissance
ARTH 122:Art in Venice between East and West
ARTH 123:Northern European Art
ARTH 124:Baroque Art in Europe
ARTH 134:Museum Studies Workshop
ARTH 137:Art of the 20th Century
ARTH 138:Contemporary Art
ARTH 139:History of Performance Art
ARTH 140:New Directions in Art History and Criticism
ARTH 140A:Photography and American Cultural Memory
ARTH 180:Special Topics in Art History
ARTH 180A:Visual Arts of the United States, 1830-1945
ARTH 180B:Art in Latin America and the Caribbean
ARTH 180C:Visual Cultures of Africa
ARTH 181:The Art of Mughal India
ARTH 183:Advanced Seminar in Art History
ARTH 185:Painting of China
ARTH 186:Japanese Painting and Prints
ARTH 188:Early Japanese Art
ARTH 190:Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Art
ARTH 191:Seminar: Contemporary Art of Asia
ARTH 192:Seminar: Gender and the Western Visual Tradition
ARTH 193:Seminar: The Image and the Law
ARTH 199:Critical and Theoretical Approaches to the History of Art
ARTH 239:History of Performance Art
ARTH 286:Japanese Painting and Prints
ARTH 293:Seminar: The Image and the Law
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