Accelerated Degree Programs

Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Accelerated Degree Programs

The Mills Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Accelerated Degree Programs enable you to earn a master’s degree in just one additional year of study at Mills. Your Mills undergraduate degree provides a broad liberal arts foundation, to which you can add an additional year of focused study to complete a graduate program. Mills’ combined bachelor’s and master’s program offers a timesaving, cost-effective way to increase your career options after graduation.

Mills offers eight accelerated degree options. Students should consult with their academic advisors by the start of their junior year to discuss their course plan. Students who are not able to satisfy prerequisite courses may still apply and complete their graduate degree in three or four semesters.

Mills students applying to an accelerated degree program do not need to pay an application fee for their graduate application, and may use unofficial transcripts and transfer of credit reports printed from the portal in lieu of an official Mills transcript. Please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions with questions you have about our accelerated degree programs, or any of our graduate programs at Mills.

Applied Economics

The master of applied economics (MAE) prepares students to create meaningful change in a world increasingly shaped by interconnected economic forces. Graduates will be able to make better decisions informed by careful data analysis. The BA/MAE option is open to students in any major. To complete the MAE in one year, students must complete 9 foundation courses.
Course Requirements
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Business Administration (MBA)

The Mills MBA prepares you to make a difference as a socially responsible and ethical leader. You will learn to deliver strong organizational performance while making a positive impact on society and the environment. The BA/MBA option is open to students in any major. To complete the MBA in one year, students must complete 9 foundation courses.
Course Requirements
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Take required courses in economics, business, policy, and government while you complete your bachelor's degree then, in just two more years, earn a joint graduate degree combining the master of public policy (MPP) and MBA (the joint degree normally requires three years). You’ll develop the leadership and analytical skills to succeed in roles that span the boundaries between government, businesses, nonprofits, and social enterprises so you can solve challenges and create change in your community.
Course Requirements

Education: Early Childhood Education

The Mills Early Childhood Education programs prepare you for a career specializing in young children’s learning, development, and overall well-being. Our community shares the commitment to improve the education and life chances of children across the globe, and bringing social justice and equity to children and families in our most underserved communities. Eligible students must earn their bachelor’s degree in child development at Mills.
Course Requirements
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Education: Early Childhood Special Education/Teaching Credential

Like the BA/MA in early childhood education, this option combines a bachelor’s degree in child development and an accelerated master’s degree in early childhood education. In addition, you’ll complete course work that prepares you to earn a special education teaching credential from the State of California, enabling you to work with infants and preschoolers diagnosed with developmental disabilities. 
Course Requirements

Education: Teacher Education/Teaching Credential

The School of Education at Mills is dedicated to preparing professional, reflective, collaborative, and visionary teachers who are committed to improving K–12 education in urban schools. In this accelerated degree program, you will earn a California teaching credential, as well as a master’s degree, in one additional year of study at MIlls. This program gives you the flexibility to choose any undergraduate major; however students with double majors are unable to fulfill the requirements. Course sequencing begins sophomore year. Interested students should consult with an advisor by the start of junior year, and transfer students should connect with advisors in their first semester. Students who do not meet requirements for this program may consider the two-year option after graduation.
Course Requirements
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Infant Mental Health

The emerging field of Infant Mental Health combines psychology and education to address developmental challenges that put infants and children at risk for mental illness. Our program is founded on the principle that early relationship-based intervention can help children at risk and their families prevent future developmental problems. Eligible students must be psychology majors at Mills who declare their intention with faculty by junior year.
Course Requirements
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Interdisciplinary Computer Science

Our innovative Interdisciplinary Computer Science program will give you a solid foundation in computer science along with a unique perspective on how technology intersects with other disciplines. Designed for students in all majors (excluding computer science), this program will help you develop the critical thinking and technical skills that every employer wants. Eligible students must complete four prerequisite courses.
Course Requirements
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Public Policy (MPP)

Public Policy is the perfect path for students who want to make a lasting impact. The MPP curriculum focuses on assessing public problems, developing creative solutions, and implementing policies that are efficient, equitable, and feasible. This option is open to students in any major. To complete the MPP in one year, students must complete eight prerequisite courses.
Course Requirements
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Last Updated: 3/15/18