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Sophmores or Juniors who have completed at least one semester at Mills College and have a minimum 3.0 Mills cumulative grade point average. Students must have declared a major and resolved any incomplete grades at the time of departure. Students may not study abroad immediately following a Leave of Absence from Mills.  A student must be current with all financial obligations to the College in order to be approved to participate.

Students planning to study in a foreign language must have completed two years of college-level courses in the applicable language, or the equivalent.

Mills accepts credits earned at the exchange institutions and international study programs in accordance with transfer policies.

Fees for the different programs vary. You should check with the individual program or the Mills Financial Aid Office for the most up to date tuition and housing costs.

Costs for travel are usually not included in a program's fees, and are the responsibility of the participating student.

The sponsoring institutions bill Mills College for a student's program fees. Mills in turn bills the student, then forwards that payment to the sponsoring institution.

Note: If you or your parents receive a bill from the program, do not pay it. Forward it to the Mills Student Accounts Office.

Financial Aid for International Visit and Domestic Visit Programs

For students participating in a Mills-affiliated international visit (study abroad) or domestic visit program, federal and state sources of financial aid will transfer to assist with program costs.  The amount of a student's federal and/or state aid available for this purpose will be determined by the M Center; federal and/or state sources of financial aid will be adjusted according to the costs of the program in keeping with federal and state regulations.  Institutional scholarships, i.e. merit-based and need-based Mills scholarships, cannot be transferred toward the cost of a domestic visit or international visit (study abroad) program.  Costs for travel usually are not included in published program fees and are the responsibility of the participating student.  Please note that students are ALWAYS responsible for the initial deposit required by all international study programs. Mills will not pay this fee, nor reimburse students for it.

Applying for International Study
  1. Fill out the Mills College International Study Application complete your Statement of Purpose, then have the application signed by:
  2. Return the completed form to the M Center. You will receive email notification indicating if you have been approved.
  3. Have an official transcript forwarded to the institution(s) of your choice by the M Center (the cost is $10.00 per transcript).
  4. Obtain all necessary letters of recommendation and have them sent to the institution(s) to which you are applying.
  5. Complete the application forms and send them, along with the appropriate application fee, directly to the address indicated on the institution's forms. If you need parts of the application signed by Mills faculty or administration, bring the form to the appropriate office and leave it for the signature. Allow two days for the form to be signed and ready for you to pick up again.
  6. Once accepted and decide to participate,immediately inform the Study Abroad Office by completing the Intent to Participate Form with a copy of your acceptance letter from the program.  



Where You Can Study Abroad

Domestic Study Opportunities

Eligibility & Requirements

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Study Abroad Checklist

Study Abroad Application


Additional Resources

Individual appointments may be scheduled by emailing an advisor at studyabroad@mills.edu, by calling the M Center at 510.430.2000, or stopping by Carnegie Hall in the Advising, Careers, and Global Learning office to schedule an appointment.

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Last Updated: 9/25/18